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Mango Recall Extended To The Starbucks Fruit Cup

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Mango recall

The juicy and succulent Daniella brand of mangoes were recalled last week across the United States due to salmonella contamination. This move was taken by the authorities after more than 100 people fell sick in 16 States of the nation. However, taking out the ripe, whole fruit is not going to help completely. The pre-cut slices of the fruit sold either in isolation or as a part of Starbucks fruit medley had to be discontinued too. If you have been wondering about the reason for not being able to get  your favorite fruit cup from Starbucks, this is it.


Why was Mango Recalled?

The mango was pulled out of stores promptly as the news of the salmonella borne sickness spread last week. While most of the cases are not fatal, salmonella can severely affect one’s health especially that of the children and the elderly. It is therefore prudent to be cautious during such outbreaks.


Which Companies Recalled Their Products

Ready Pac foods is one of the major companies who supply Starbucks as well as other food and beverage giants with ready pre-cut and packaged mangoes among other fruits. Ready Pac has decided to recall all their fruit cups which include mango slices. This has been done voluntarily as the company cares for its consumers. FDA had previously absolved Ready Pac by declaring that their products were not responsible for spreading the disease.


While quite a few of the companies including Real Foods, Taylor Farms & Charlie’s, selling cut and packaged fruits have pulled their products from the shelves, there remain others, the vendors in particular, who have been slow to act. Most of them may not have any idea about the seriousness of the issue as the recall has been extremely sluggish involving one manufacturer at a time.


How To Stay Safe

The CDC also say that the Daniella mangoes may not actually be responsible after all. The test results have been inconclusive so far but you never can be too careful when it comes to health.


So how can you hope to stay safe from the dreaded Salmonella? Here are some tips.

  • Do not buy imported mangoes from stores or super markets opt for the locally grown fruits instead.
  • Do not consume pre-packaged and pre-cut slices even if they happen to be from a reputed company.


Try to adhere to these rules until the FDA sounds the ‘all clear’ signal. Check out it’s guidelines although they are not quite specific.You can definitely look forward to the benefits of eating mangoes once this ordeal is over. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for now!


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Mango Recall Extended To The Starbucks Fruit Cup