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Diamond Making Technique Utilized For Food Safety

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Food Safety By High PressureTaking the help of food preservation technologies  for keeping food safe and free from bacteria is nothing new. While numerous methods like heating, freezing, canning, or irradiation seem to work well they are not totally flawless. Avure Technologies’ VP marketing has found a way to make food absolutely microbe free. It is known as high pressure processing and had been utilized to make synthetic diamonds until now. Not entirely convinced? Read on to see if you can get converted to this new technology for food preservation.


How Is It Done?

The food product or juice is subjected to intense pressure amounting to 87,000 pounds per square inch resulting in intense squeezing of the molecules. The objective is to crush the microbes and destroy them thereby rendering the food safe. The results can be seen under a microscope which reveals several microbes with crushed cell walls.


What Are The Benefits?

Apart from making the food completely microbe free , you can also get the food in an unchanged condition as far as its texture, flavor, and tastes are concerned. Sometimes there may actually be a concentration of the nutrients which is akin to cooking without any of its disadvantages. The company is totally convinced that the method is indeed a better process than pasteurization or canning and likely to become the most effective method of preservation soon.


The Users

High-pressurized guacamole

“Fresherized Food”, an subsidiary of Avomex has been in the game for some time now. They prepare processed guacamole  and beef patties  which have already been delivered to the grocery stores. You might also find high pressurized juices being offered at your neighborhood juice bar before too long.

Starbucks Juice

However, the really big player in this game is Starbucks which has started offering unheated smoothies and customized juices at its Evolution Store in Seattle. And when Starbucks says ‘Yes’ there are many who will jump into the fray. It is the best way of giving healthy, microbe free juice to the customer.


Do check out your nearest outlet for a taste of high-pressure juice. You are likely to find it high on both taste and health. If coal can be converted to the sparkling diamond by pressure, what are a few microbes?


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Diamond Making Technique Utilized For Food Safety