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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Loquat Pie

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Loquat pieJams, jellies and chutneys are usually made with the loquat fruit that is native to China. The sweet flesh of the fruit is also used to make healthy pies that contain sugar substitutes which are  unprocessed. Ripe loquats are recommended as the high amount of sugars that they contain gives the pie a sweet taste. There are many natural sweeteners that can be added in the place of white sugar to make a great tasting pie. Tips that will help you choose the right sweetener for a sugar free loquat pie are mentioned in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients


Rice Syrup


They can substitute sugar in the pie and still give a great tasting product. Natural sweeteners that are plant based are preferred as they do not have dangerous side effects. Some natural sugar substitutes that can be used to make a sugar free pie with loquats are listed below.


  • Brown Rice Syrup- This is made from brown rice flour by the action of enzymes.


  • Arrope- This is a sweet tasting reduced grape juice that can also be added to the pie.


  • Honey- A very healthy and wholesome sugar substitute for the loquat pie


  • Maple Sugar- This is made by reducing maple syrup and has a lovely flavor.


  • Yacon Syrup- A natural sweetener extracted from the yacon root.


Health Benefits Of Loquat




  • This Chinese fruit has very small amounts of fat and sodium, and is recommended for overweight and hypertensive individuals.


  • There is plenty of anti cancer vitamin A in the yellow flesh of the fruit which can protect against a range of degenerative changes that occur in the body cells due to the action of free radicals.


  • The skin on the loquat is rich in dietary fiber which reduces blood cholesterol, blood sugar and keeps constipation at bay. The unpeeled fruit can be added into the pie to obtain this essential nutrient.


  • The minerals that make this fruit so wholesome are potassium and phosphorus which keep the nerves, blood vessels and the muscles healthy. It also has flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants and keep the immune system functioning well.  



A freshly made loquat pie with natural sweeteners is bursting with flavor and nutrition. I promise that once you have tried your hand at baking with sugar substitutes, it is so hard to get back to sugar. Now this is one healthy addiction!


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Loquat Pie