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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Star Apple Pie

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Star apple pieThe milk fruit, more commonly known as star apple is a delicious tropical fruit that can be eaten fresh or made into a dessert pie. To make the star apple pie a healthy treat for diabetics and weight watchers, it can be made without adding any sugar and using only natural sweeteners to give it the required taste and flavor. These sweeteners have calories from the naturally occurring carbohydrates present in them. They give a unique flavor to sweets and desserts that white sugar lacks. Baking tips to make a sugar free pie are shared in the blog below.




Sugar Free Ingredients




  • Many sugar free ingredients can be chosen from to make a no sugar star apple pie. It is best to choose natural sweeteners that are healthier than white sugar.


  • The purees of fresh fruits like apples and bananas, and dry fruits like raisins and dates are good sugar substitutes.


  • Honey is a very popular sweetener to make a star apple pie and is packed with many nutrients.


  • Stevia and Monk fruit extracts are zero calorie natural sweeteners that can also be used. 


Benefits Of Star Apple


Star Apple


  • This aromatic tropical fruit has many heart friendly antioxidants that make it highly recommended for regular use.


  • There are many scientific studies that have shown how eating this fruit can protect against hypertension and cancerous tumors. 


  • The fat content of the fruit is negligible, making it very suitable for those who are on a low fat diet. A serving of the star apple gives about 65 calories only. The fiber content of the fruit is also appreciable.


  • Immune boosting vitamin A and C are present in high amounts in the flesh of the star apple. They help to increase resistance to common colds and infections.




A sugar free pie can be so easily made at home with the above listed natural sweeteners. They are just as simple to use as sugar for baking, and the end results are guaranteed to please!


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Star Apple Pie