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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Lucuma Pie

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Lucuma PieA tropical fruit pie can be made with the lucuma fruit to experience its yummy fruity aroma and flavor. This fruit which tastes a bit like maple syrup and sweet potato can be made into a pie by adding natural sugar free ingredients to enhance its taste. There are hoards of natural sweeteners that can be added to sweeten this pie. It is recommended to try them all and choose the one that you like best. Helpful tips on the sweeteners one can select to make a no sugar lucuma pie are given below.





Sugar Free Ingredients


Commonly available natural sweetners can be used to make a sugar free pie that contains the lucuma fruit. These include healthy sweeteners like date sugar, maple syrup and erythritol among others. They are highly unprocessed and rich in many vitamins and minerals. Many have been traditionally used for many years and are time tested for their safety. 


Amazake- A Must Try Natural Sweetener



This is a wonderful natural sweetener that has been around for many centuries and is traditionally used in Japan where it has it origins. It is a thick white puree that has a very sweet taste. A very good ingredient in the lucuma pie, amazake is the result of bacterial fermentation of cooked white rice. It is very stable at the high temperatures that are need to bake a pie and is full of nutrition in the form of the vitamins and minerals that it contains. It can be easily found in Asian and health stores in the United States.



Benefits Of The Lucuma Fruit


Lucuma fruit

  • Lucuma is a delicious fruit that can be turned into a sugarless pie with the help of natural and artificial sweeteners. The fresh fruit is very nutritious and is also widely available in the form of a dry powder that can be added to make ice creams, desserts and beverages. This dry powder is also a natural sweetener that can be added along with the fresh fruit to give a great butterscotch flavor.


  • Lucuma is rich in iron, beta carotene, calcium, phosphorus and potassium making it a very good ingredient in the sugar free pie.


  • The dietary fiber content is also good which makes it very healthy and suitable for all age groups. 



A healthy and sweet lucuma pie can indeed be made without any added sugar. The myriad and unique lavors of the natural sweeteners are sure to please your taste buds and blow your mind. Happy sugar free baking!


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Lucuma Pie