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Picnic, Hiking and Camping Recipes

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A quick guide to the nutritious and flavorful dishes you can serve on your next picnic or hike, presented by Karisa from the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, NY. Learn about mountain cheeses, granola, picnic side dishes and how to get proper nutrition when hiking outdoors.

Do you love outdoors? Picnics, hiking, camping and adventure activities are a part of your life? Then this video is for you. Every time you pack to go outdoors, it is a challenge to plan and carry healthy food. So what should be included in the pack. This has always been a nerve wrecking question. In this video, Karisa from Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, NY, tells us more about water, mountain cheese, side dishes, granola, etc, which can be fun yet nutritious food and carried easily.

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Picnic, Hiking And Camping Recipes Video