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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Grapefruit Pie

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Grapefruit PieA mouthwatering dessert can be made with grapefruit and sugar substitutes for  a healthy and yummy treat. Plant based natural sweeteners are good choices while baking a sugar free grapefruit pie that the whole family can enjoy. This is because artificial sweeteners are not recommended for children and immuno compromised individuals. This blog shares with you the sweeteners that are most suitable for baking a great tasting grapefruit pie.









Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Stevia


Not many are aware that this commercially available sweetener is actually derived from a herb. The leaves of the stevia plant have naturally occurring chemicals that give an intense sweet taste. This sweetener is devoid of calories, and does not have an impact on blood sugar levels. A grapefruit pie made with stevia is a healthier dessert for diabetics and overweight individuals. Liquid stevia is recommended for use as it mixes well and gives a uniform sweetness to the pie. The other good thing about this sweetener is that a very small amount is needed to sweeten the pie. Only a teaspoon of liquid stevia and ½ teaspoon of the powdered extract can replace a cupful of sugar. It is safe for human health too, based on the numerous studies that have been conducted on this subject.


2. Date Sugar

Date sugar

This natural sweetener is an unprocessed and healthy alternative to the highly refined white sugar and is available in select health stores across the United States. It is made by drying dates and cutting them into small pieces. These are further ground to give a grainy, sugar like sweetener. This brown colored sugar is rich in glucose and fructose and also fiber. Due to this, it raises blood sugar more slowly and can be used by a diabetic in small amounts. For baking a grapefruit pie, choose finely ground date sugar as it is more easily miscible.


3. Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar

This wonderful sweetener must be tried as a replacement to table sugar for everyday cooking and baking. The sap that oozes out of cut coconut flowers is reduced till coconut sugar is obtained. No chemicals, preservatives and additive are added at any stage of the manufacturing process. It has a low glycemic index, which means that it does not raise blood sugar levels. Also it contains 16 amino acids that are essential for growth and well being. The level of water soluble vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium is also considerable.


4. Honey


Sugarless baking is incomplete without honey, the oldest sweetener known to man. This natural sweetener is rich in fructose and glucose and other natural sugars. When used for baking, the temperature of the oven should be lowered by at least 25ºc to prevent an over browning of the grape fruit pie. The liquid in the recipe should also be reduced to prevent the pie from getting too soft and soggy. Honey has trace minerals, vitamins and immune boosting antiseptic agents that sugar lacks.


5. Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup

This dark colored delicious syrup is available very easily in supermarkets and is widely used for bakes and desserts. The health benefits of this sweetener are due to its high manganese, zinc and antioxidant content. These protect the body cells from damage by free radicals which are produced everyday. For a sweeter syrup with a mild maple flavor, one should opt for grade A syrup among other varieties. To give a lovely flavor to the grapefruit pie, maple syrup can be used to replace all the sugar in the recipe.



A sugar free grapefruit pie is rich in unique flavors from these very healthy natural sweeteners. With the exception of stevia, all the other sugar substitutes are rich in calories and should be used in moderation. A high intake of these sweeteners can predispose one to obesity, heart diseases and glucose intolerance.  


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Grapefruit Pie