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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Plum Pie

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Plum PieSugar free baking is getting very popular as it is a healthy way to make ones favorite desserts and bakes. A plum pie which is usually loaded with sugar can also be made by using natural sweeteners that are available in plenty at health stores. Such sugar substitutes are plant based, which makes them safer and better for health. When used in baking they give the pie a taste and texture similar to that of sugar. They additionally enrich the pie with many vitamins and minerals that are lacking in modern day processed diets. Tips to choose the right sweeteners to make a sugar free plum pie are discussed in the blog below.


Sugar Free Ingredients



Artificial and natural sweeteners are the two categories of sugar substitutes that are available in the market.



  • To make a sugar free pie, natural sweeteners are recommended as they are time tested and good for health. Some examples of fruit based sweeteners are pekmez ( from grapes) and date syrup.


  • Sugar beet syrup, maple syrup and treacle ( made from sugarcane ) are other delicious and healthy options.

Maple Syrup

  • The vitamin and mineral index of the above mentioned sweeteners is higher than that of table sugar.



Health Benefits Of Plum




  • They are available in the fresh and dry and both are very nutritious. They have many powerful antioxidants that prevent damage from free radicals that occurs to our body cells.


  • The fiber content is also very good and is the reason why plums are recommended to prevent and cure constipation.


  • The vitamin C content of the fresh plum is high which is needed to keep the body tissues disease free and healthy.


  • Dry plum is concentrated in iron and potassium and used for the treatment of anemia and high blood pressure levels.



Desserts are delights that no one should be deprived of and natural sweeteners help to make them guilt free. A sugar free plum pie is the perfect way to indulge in a yummy and healthy treat that is sure to be loved by all.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Plum Pie