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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Huckleberry Pie

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Huckleberry pieNothing tastes better than a sweet and sour huckleberry pie that is made with all natural and wholesome ingredients. Replacing sugar with healthier sweeteners makes an excellent huckleberry pie that is loaded with many essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Although table sugar is the most common sweetener, it is responsible for the obesity epidemic that has spread all over the globe. Indiscriminate amount of sugar can reduce insulin sensitivity and predispose one to diabetes and heart diseases. Many sugar substitutes that are completely natural and have undergone minimal processing can be used instead.  Tips on how too choose from the many available natural sweeteners to make a huckleberry pie are given in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Pekmez


It is a very popular sweetener that is made in the Middle East and used along with every day food. The freshly extracted juice from grapes and figs is boiled till a thick syrup is obtained. It is very sweet and stays stable when used for baking. It has a molasses like taste that gives the huckleberry pie a unique and aromatic flavor. The pekmez syrup is completely free of chemicals and additives that white refined sugar has, making is a truly natural sweeter. It is also rich in fruit vitamins like iron and potassium and is often recommended as a health food supplement for those who have weak immune systems.


2. Date Syrup


This sweet syrup is readily available commercially and is often used for baking desserts. It can also be made at home by blending pre soaked dates into a smooth and thick paste. Dry dates are extremely rich in the mineral iron which is vital to prevent anemia, especially in young girls and pregnant women. One cup of the syrup can be added to the pie for adequate sweetness and a rich caramel like flavor. Since the calorie content is the same as sugar, it needs to be used in moderation especially by diabetics.


3. Carob

Carob Syrup

The extracts of the carob plant are mildly sweet and have a chocolate like flavor that complement the fruitiness of the huckleberry pie.  It is available in the form of a powder and a syrup, which are very suitable for baking. The nutritional value of this sweetener is much more than that of sugar as it is rich in protein and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. The soluble fiber in it also makes it highly suitable as a remedy for disorders such as diarrhea and indigestion.


4. Sugar Beet Syrup


The tubers of the sugar beet are extremely rich in naturally occuring sucrose. Cooking the sugar beets and pressing them will result in a sweet syrup that can be used to make cakes and pies. No chemicals in the form of additives or preservatives are used during the manufacture of this wholesome sweetener. It needs to be measured in the same quantity as the sugar mentioned in the recipe. This is very safe to be consumed by children, the elderly and pregnant women and does not have any side effects when used in moderate amounts.


5. Treacle

Sugar beet syrup

Not only can it be added in the pie dough and filling, it also makes a delicious pouring sauce that is all natural and free of harmful chemicals. It is also known as golden syrup as it has a rich color. Flavor wise, it has a strong molasses taste and can be a little bitter, for which a sweetener like honey can be added in small amounts to improve taste. This is a natural sweetener that has undergone minimal processing and adds a unique taste to the pie.


Make a huckleberry pie with these sugar free ingredients and treat your family to a healthy and tasty dessert. Natural sweeteners do not cause weight loss and cannot be supplemented for a balanced diet and a disciplined exercise routine.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Huckleberry Pie