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Salad Days by Cooking for Bachelors TV

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This is a one bowl meal because anything can go into a salad. Vegetables, fruit, nuts, poultry, meat, cheese, etc. It's just a matter of a bowl and a great dressing. Bottled dressings have so many ingredients meant to keep the consistency of the dressing. The best dressings can be made from scratch with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and dry or wet dijon mustard. Substitute orange or lemon juice for vinegar for a citrus vinaigrette. You can mix dressings in empty jars and keep them in the refrigerator for easy use. Experiment. Use leftovers with boxed, washed greens mixes, or add what you have to romaine lettuce. Have fun. Eat well. When you cook for yourself you can Save Money, Eat Healthier, Live Greener and Have Fun!

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Salad Days By Cooking For Bachelors TV Video