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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Crab Apple Pie

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Crab Apple PieSmall and sour crab apples are very interesting ingredients to help make a sugar free pie. The sweetness in the pie can be imparted with the help of natural sugar substitutes that are healthy and give a lovely flavor to the pie. As crab apples are very sour, a lot of table sugar is usually needed to balance the tartness of the fruit. Many natural sugar substitutes have a more intense sweetness compared to white sugar and hence can be used in smaller quantities and help to save many calories. Tips to select the best natural sweeteners for the sugarless crab apple pie are given in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Honey


Not only is honey a healthier substitute to table sugar, it also recommended as it gives a better flavor and golden brown crust when used for baking. It is a better option for health as it is lower in calories when compared to sugar and also has natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Once eaten, it gets digested slowly and does not allow blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. For all these reasons, it can be used by diabetics and overweight individuals in moderation. 1/ 2 cup to 3/ 4 cup of honey can be added to the crab apple pie in place of table sugar. The oven temperature should be reduced by 25 ºc to prevent the honey from burning.


2. Date Sugar


This is an excellent all natural sweetener that can be used for cooking and baking. It is made commercially by pitting and slicing dates and drying them to remove all the moisture. This is then ground to a fine powder that can be added to the crab apple pie. If mixing it into the pie batter, dissolve it first by adding some hot water to it. Date sugar is non processed and rich in fiber, calcium and iron naturally. It has a very sweet taste and about 2/ 3 cup gives the same sweetness as 1 cup of white sugar.


3. Raisins


They can also be used in a similar manner as dates and give a mild and pleasant sweetness to the pie. Another sweetener such as honey can be added to the crab apple pie if a stronger sweetness is preferred. Raisins can also be soaked in warm water and pureed to give a thick syrup, This mixes well in baked goodies and greatly reduces the tartness of the fruit. Additionally, it is rich in minerals and dietary fiber and considered to be a health supplement due to this. As it is slowly converted to glucose, it is a better sugar substitute for use by diabetics and prevents fluctuations in blood sugar levels.


4. Fruit Purees

Fruit Puree

They give a nice fruity aroma to the pie and make it very moist on the inside. All fruits are rich in a carbohydrate called fructose which is one and a half times sweeter than sucrose (table sugar). The riper the fruit, the higher the concentration of fructose that is present in it. Bananas and apples are the best fruits to sweeten a crab apple pie and need to be peeled and pureed. This should be sieved to give a fine paste and 1- 2 cups can be added based on the sweetness that is needed.


5. Monk Fruit


This fruit has given us a new sugar free product that has hit the shelves barely a week ago. Commercially known as nectresse, it is a blend of extracts from the monk fruit along with other natural ingredients. It is a zero calorie sweetener that is suitable for overweight individuals and diabetics. Only 1/ 4 teaspoon of necteresse is needed in place of 1 teaspoon of white sugar. It can be used by diabetics and overweight individuals and is approved for use in the United States. This sweetener is very stable and can be successfully used while planning a sugar free menu


There are many interesting and healthy sugar free ingredients that can replace sugar in everyday cooking and baking. A sugar free crab apple pie is a definitely a yummy treat that can be enjoyed as a healthy dessert. 



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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Crab Apple Pie