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Needle Filled Sandwiches Served On Flight Again

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Needles In Sandwich

It seemed to be a replay of sorts or a déjà vu to be precise. An Air Canada flight en route to Toronto from Victoria on Monday was in the News for serving its passengers a sharp sewing needle along with pre-packaged sandwiches. This unwanted incident comes closely on the heels of the Air Delta incident which was identical. However, four of  Air Delta flights had been involved then whereas the Air Canada incident seems to be an isolated one.

What Did The Airlines Say?

Peter Fitzpatrick, the spokesperson for Air Canada confirmed the incident while stating that the company was looking into it seriously. He reiterated that they were contacting the concerned caterers and will be holding a thorough investigation into the serious food safety violation. “Safety is always our top priority so we are taking this matter very seriously,” were his exact words as he answered various queries made by the press.


Fitzpatrick said that there was no question of not cooperating with the authorities. In fact, the Airlines was eager to put an end to this embarrassing incident and will be extending their full support to both the local police as well as the other investigating agencies.


Who Was The Caterer?

It was Gate Gourmet, the catering company who had been responsible for supplying the needle-filled sandwiches on Air Delta. Air Canada spokesperson; however, did not reveal the name of the caterer  but assured that they would be taking every action to ensure food safety  and security of its passengers henceforth. Sources say that there were multiple caterers supplying this particular airline and it is difficult to pin the blame on any one of them at the moment.


Cara Airline Solutions had been providing catering services to Air Canada back in 2010 when Gategroup, the parent company of Gate Gourmet had acquired it.  Christina Ulosevich, on behalf of Gate Gourmet, said that the catering company has been screening its food products by inspecting each and every one of the packages thoroughly.


While it is too early to say whether the needle and sandwich episode is due to the continued carelessness of the catering agency, you are at liberty to play detective and tell us who you think is likely to be the guilty party here.


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Needle Filled Sandwiches Served On Flight Again