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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pomegranate Pie

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Pomegranate pieOne of the best ways to enjoy pomegranate is to make a delicious pie with it. The pie can be made more interesting by substituting table sugar with natural sweeteners which will provide a unique flavor and taste to the pie. Additionally, this baked dessert will be rich in many vitamins and minerals that the processed white sugar is devoid of. Most of the plant based sweeteners have a calorific profile similar to sugar and hence should be consumed in moderation. Tips to use natural sugar substitutes to make a delicious pomegranate pie are shared in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients 


Many sugar substitutes can be used to make a sugar free pie. Health experts around the world recommend natural sweeteners as they are extracted from plants and are hence healthier. 


1.  Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)



This is a a plant derived sweetener which is commercially extracted from fruits and vegetables like bananas, onions, garlics, leeks and also sugarcane. It can be used for baking in small amounts. It is recommended that FOS be used in combination with another natural sweetener. The main health benefit is that it improves gastrointestinal health by increasing the number of good bacteria in the intestinal tract. It also increases calcium absorption which makes it a very useful ingredient. 


2. Xylitol



This is a low calorie sweetener that is obtained from berries and mushrooms. It is as sweet as sugar but only has 2/3 the calories and is the reason why it is much healthier. It is very stable when used at high baking temperatures and does not get altered in taste and sweetness. Once eaten, it is very slowly absorbed in the blood and is a good option for diabetics who wish to keep their blood sugar levels stable. 



Health Benefits Of Pomegranate



  • The ruby red seeds of pomegranate are rich in dietary fiber that reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer. This is a very healthy fruit to add into a sugar less pie. The riper the pomegranate, the sweeter the pie.



  • A naturally occurring plant pigment called anthocyanin is the main antioxidant that is present in pomegranate. This protects the body cells from damage due to pollution and cigarette smoke.


Pomegranate seeds


  • The content of vitamin C is high and this keeps the gums and muscles such as the heart healthy. The juice of the pomegranate has anti bacterial and anti viral properties.



These above listed sweeteners are unprocessed and naturally rich in many plant nutrients and antioxidants. They give the pomegranate pie a delicious flavor while balancing the tartness in the fruit. Sugar free substitutes are a must try for better health and well being !



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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pomegranate Pie