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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Nutmeg Pie

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Nutmeg pie

A sweet pie with a hint of spice can be made by using nutmeg along with natural sweeteners. This makes a perfect dessert that can be enjoyed in moderation by diabetics and overweight individuals. This is because sweeteners that have been extracted from plants are rich in many essential vitamins and minerals which the highly processed table sugar lacks. These essential nutrients go a long way in improving health and well being. It is better to replace white sugar with natural sweeteners while making a pie, if one wants to make a truly healthy dessert. The sweeteners that are ideal for baking and tips to incorporate them into a sugar free nutmeg pie are given in the blog below.




Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Fruit Juice Concentrate

Fruit juice concentrate

This is a 100 % natural and safe sweetener that is made by reducing fruit juice till a little moisture evaporates and the sugars concentrate. The main carbohydrate in fruits is fructose which is much sweeter than table sugar. It can be added to the nutmeg pie by reducing some of the fluid that normally goes into it. Apples, grapes, pears, peaches and pineapples are most commonly used in the preparation of fruit concentrates. They increase the vitamin and mineral content of the pie and make it healthier.


2. Barley Syrup

Barley syrup

To make this, barley is sprouted and cooked till a thick syrup is obtained. This happens because the enzymes produced during the process of sprouting, convert the starch in barley to sugars. The sweetness of barley syrup is very intense and its malty taste gives baked goodies a special flavor. 3/ 4 cup can be added in the pie to give it a pleasant taste that is not too overpowering. When seen from the health point of view, it is better than sugar as it is rich in minerals like calcium and potassium.


3. Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup

The brown rice is powdered into a flour and is later cooked with the help of added enzymes. The end product is a dark syrup that has smooth butterscotch flavor. This is a great sugar free ingredient in a nutmeg pie and perfectly balances the strong flavor of the spice. Since it is minimally refined, it does not get digested by the body as quickly as table sugar. Brown rice syrup gets converted to glucose very slowly and is suitable for diabetics and can be consumed by them in moderation.


4. Molasses


For a unique tasting nutmeg pie, this is a good sweetener to use. Molasses has minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese in trace amounts, and is a valuable  health supplement. The iron content is especially good and can be used for the treatment of anemia. It is a good sugar substitute and is a must try for those who are interested in sugar free baking. It gives a burnt taste when exposed to normal baking temperatures and hence should be used after decreasing the heat in the oven by 25ºc.


5. Stevia


This has a long history of use and is time tested for safety. It is extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant and is the only zero calorie sweetener that occurs naturally. It is easy to use for baking and is available in the form of a liquid and a powder. It does not have any impact on blood sugar levels and hence can be consumed by diabetics and overweight individuals without any worry. It tastes just like sugar and should be definitely tried for baking and cooking.


6. Rapadura


Sugarcane is the main source of this wholesome and nutritious sweetener which is rich in minerals and water soluble vitamins. It has 15 calories per teaspoon compared to 20 calories present in refined white sugar. It has a high amount of molasses which gives it a much valued caramel like taste. It can be used in moderation by weight watchers and diabetics.


A nutmeg pie is so healthy when baked with naturally derived sugar substitutes which provide it a rich flavor and many essential nutrients. It is sure to become your favorite dessert after you have given it a try. 


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Nutmeg Pie