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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Olive Pie

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Olive PieA  sweet olive pie has a delightful taste which can be made even better by the use of sugar free ingredients. The purpose of using sweeteners other than sugar is to make a pie that is healthy as well as tasty. These sweeteners are of two types, artificial and natural, and both can be used for the purposes of cooking and baking. The most important thing to keep in mind while buying these ingredients is that they should have a taste and flavor  similar to sugar and should in no way compromise human health and safety. Only natural sweeteners meet these requirements and are ideal for use in everyday baking. Some helpful tips that can help you make homemade sugar free olive pie are shared in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients


Any ingredient that gives the same sweetness as sugar and is either calorific or non calorific is termed as a sugar substitute.




They can be broadly classified as artificial ( lab made) or natural (extracted from plant sources) and both can be used to make a pie. 


Raw sugar

Some examples of artificial sweeteners are acesulphame K, sucralose and aspartame. Honey, brown rice syrup, jaggery and dates are a few of the natural sweeteners.



Health Benefits Of Olives



  • These Mediterranean delights are available both fresh and dry. They have a high oil content and are a rich source of many essential fatty acids, which are considered to be good fats.


Olives green

  • Mono unsaturated fatty acids are the primary fats which are present and responsible for making olives so healthy. These fats reduce inflammatory responses and keep the heart and blood vessels healthy.



  • Whole olives are also a considerable source of fiber and mineral like potassium and magnesium that contribute towards health and wellness. Fresh or dry, unsalted olives are the best to be used in a pie.



The above mentioned sweeteners are very easily available and are a must have for sugar free baking. They help you make a healthy pie that is rich in natural flavors and nutrients.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Olive Pie