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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Honeydew Pie

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Melon PieThe sweet and juicy pulp of the honeydew melon is perfect to go into a delectable sugar free pie. The most useful tip while baking such a pie is to add natural sugar substitutes which will give more flavor and of course sweetness, to the the baked dish. There are many artificial sweeteners too that can be added, but not recommended as their safety for human health is still debatable. It is better to use sweeteners that are derived from leaves, roots, bark and fruits of plants and trees and have been in use much before the invention of the modern day table sugar. Some guidelines and tips to make an irresistible honeydew pie with no added sugar are shared for all the lovers of good and healthy food.



Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Honey


What better sweetener than honey to add a little more taste and flavor to the sugar free melon pie? Honey is a natural and healthy sugar substitute that not only has lesser calories than table sugar, it also contains trace vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is sweeter than table sugar and for this reason a smaller amount of it is needed to sweeten the dessert. Vitamin C, B1, B2 and B6 are some of the other components that make it preferred over table sugar. The temperature of the oven has to be reduced by 25º c to prevent an undesired over browning in the pie.


2. Raisins


All varieties of grapes are used to produce raisins which make a wonderful and healthy sweetener. They are dried to remove the water content and concentrate the sugars. 100 g of the final product contains 30 g of fructose and 28 g of sucrose making raisins very sweet. They can be added to the pie whole or finely chopped. A paste can also be made by soaking the raisins in warm water and then blending into a smooth paste. The health benefits of raisins are due to their high fiber, iron and potassium content. 


3. Sorbitol


A natural sweetener, sorbitol is present in fruits like apples and pears. It is extracted from the above sources and is commercially available as a fine white powder. It has about 2.6 calories, much lesser than that in white table sugar and hence a better option for weight watchers. It also does not allow blood sugar levels to peak and keeps them stable. It can be used in baking a honeydew pie with good results and does not get altered chemically. The taste is just like sugar and the sweetness is quite intense.


4. Stevia


It is commercially available as Truvia which is a mixture of stevia along with another sweetener. This sugar substitute is extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant and is 40 times sweeter than refined sugar. It can be used for cooking as well as baking and is available in the form of a powder and liquid. The other great thing about stevia is that the sweet extracts are not absorbed by the body, which makes it the only natural zero calorie sweetener in the market. It is a good option for diabetics as it does not impact their blood sugar levels. 


5. Agave Nectar

Agave nectar

It is derived from the agave plant that grows in the regions of South America and Mexico. The roots of the plant are the main source of this sweetener and the extracts are treated to make a thin, brown colored syrup. This nectar is sweeter than sugar or honey and is a great ingredient for a custard apple pie. Agave nectar health benefits are its low glycemic index due to which it gets converted into glucose molecules very slowly and can be consumed by diabetics too. The dark variety of Agave should be chosen for baking as it has a rich caramel flavor that gives desserts a special taste.



Enjoy a healthy and tasty sugar free honeydew pie that is rich in natural goodness and taste. A healthy and delicious dessert does not have to be made with sugar anymore.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Honeydew Pie