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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Custard Apple Pie

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Custard Apple PieA basic pie recipe can be made very healthy by the use of sugar free ingredients. Custard apple is naturally a very sweet fruit and is suitable for making a pie that contains no added sugar. This fruit is commonly known as bullocks' heart and has a delicious custard like taste, hence the name. There are many varieties of the fruit available and all can be used for baking the pie. The riper the fruit, the sweeter and more delicious the pie. To provide adequate taste to the pie, the use of natural sweeteners is recommended. They are better alternatives of table sugar. They are also healthier as they are less processed. This blog shares with you tips to remember while making a custard apple pie which has no added sugar. 



Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice

If one wants to use the most unprocessed and natural sweetener ever, then sugarcane juice is the one to choose. It is easy to measure and mixes well in the pie to give a uniform taste and color. The appearance of this sweetener can vary from dark to light brown as it does not undergo any bleaching during its manufacture. It turns black very quickly if left out in the open and only fresh juice should be used for baking. It has more vitamins and minerals than white sugar and is the reason why it is considered to be healthier. Organic sugarcane juice is also available.



2. Fruit Syrup


It is a good alternative sweetener that is made from juicy fruits like apples, grapes and pears. The freshly extracted juice is concentrated to remove a lot of the moisture and all that remains is a thick and natural sweet syrup. This is normally added to sugar free jellies and jams because of its intense sweet taste. It adds a lovely fruity note to the pie and reduces the need for any other sweetener. The other added benefits are the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are obtained from the concentrated fruit pulp.


3. Treacle


The calories in treacle and table sugar are the same and the chief difference lies in the level of processing and the nutrient density of both the sweeteners. Treacle is made from the liquid that remains after the crystallization of sugar. This thick syrup is treated to remove impurities and the end result is a sweetener that has a characteristic strong taste and a faint bitterness. Treacle has moderate amount of potassium and calcium, two key minerals that are important for maintaining a healthy nervous and muscular system. It gives a unique taste to the custard apple pie and its stability during baking is also exceptional.


4. Pekmez


Another sweetener that scores high marks on its rich taste, suitability for baking and health benefits is pekmez. It is derived from ripe grapes that are pressed to extract their juice. This is then concentrated to a syrup like consistency and treated to remove all suspend particles such as the seed and the skin. Pekmez is rich in antioxidants namely resveratrol that is a heart friendly nutrient and may lower the risk of cancer. It is also rich in iron and potassium has been used as a natural remedy for high blood pressure since historical times. 


5. Isomalt


It is a natural sugar alcohol that is manufactured from sugar beets. It contains less than half the calories in white refined sugar and does not impact blood sugar levels. Another advantage is that it does not cause tooth decay as bacteria in the mouth are unable to use this as source of fuel. 50 g a day for adults and 25 g a day for children is the permissible limit . Otherwise, the side effects as a result of overdose can range from bloating to diarrhea . It is a stable sugar and highly recommended for baking a sugar free custard pie.



Sugar free baking is really simple and all it needs is a little effort in selecting the right sweetener by keeping both health and taste in mind. The result is a great tasting sugar free custard pie that is rich in all the goodness that natural sweeteners have to offer.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Custard Apple Pie