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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Guava Pie

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Guava pieInstead of throwing out guavas that have turned ripe and softened, use them to make a delicious and fruity pie. Guavas are good ingredients to go into a sugar free pie and can be added in many forms such as juiced, pureed or simply mashed. To give additional sweetness, natural sugar substitutes can be used which will heighten the flavor and aroma of the fruit. Guava is one of the best fruits for vitamins and can be enjoyed by children, the elderly and pregnant women. It also makes a delightful dessert that is light on the palate and has a low calorie count too. It can be served up with a little bit of coconut cream and you have a tropical dessert that everybody is sure to love. Tips to make a guava pie without any harmful sweeteners can be looked up in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients


Honey, raisins and maple syrup are wholesome and natural sweeteners that can be used to make a sugarless pie. Two great tasting liquid sweetners to use for baking are mentioned below. 


1. Sorghum Syrup


It is a sweetener that is made seasonally when the main ingredient, sorghum is harvested. There are many varieties of this crop and sweet sorghum is chosen to make this natural and healthy sweetener. The juice is removed from the cane and reduced till it reaches a syrup like consistency. The end product has a copper golden color and a fruity flavor. Potassium, manganese and magnesium are the minerals that this sugar substitute is rich in. It can be safely eaten by people of age groups and is not associated with any safety risks.


2. Birch Syrup

Birch syrup

This is prepared from hardwood trees that grow in temperate climates. The sap of the tree is reduced at low temperatures till it gives a thick and dark colored syrup. This is recommended for weight watchers as the calories it contains are lower in comparision to sweeteners like honey. The calcium content is also high which is helpful for the normal functioning of nerves and muscles. Birch syrup can be successfully used for baking a guava pie which is dense and moist on the inside.




Health Benefits Of Guavas


  • This tropical fruit is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, an important vitamin that is needed to boost immunity and maintain integrity of body cells and tissues. 100 g of guava has enough vitamin C to meet the daily requirements.



  • Eating guava regularly can prevent the incidence of scurvy that is seen in young children which leads to loss of teeth, bleeding and inflamed gums.


  • The skin and seeds are good sources of soluble fiber which play an important role in keeping blood sugars and cholesterol levels in the normal range.



  • Carotenoids and polyphenols are the 2 main groups of antioxidants that are present in the guava fruit and the highest concentration is in the red guavas compared to the green ones.




A sugar free guava pie is a pleasure to make and a delight to eat. It is a yummy dessert made with all healthy ingredients and full of flavor from the natural sweeteners. 


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Guava Pie