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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Avocado Pie

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Avocado PieIf one wants to make a rich, creamy and fruity pie, then avocado is a must use ingredient. Such a pie is very nourishing and can be made healthier by using sugar free substitutes that are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. There is an increased demand for sweeteners of natural origin that are often recommended over their artificial counterparts. This is because many have been used traditionally and are not associated with any health risks. In addition, they are unrefined and hence more wholesome for consumption by children, the elderly and pregnant women. This blog focuses on such low processed sweeteners that have a great taste and blend in exceptionally well with an avocado pie. Tips to use them successfully for sugar free baking are mentioned in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients


The most commonly used sweeteners are prepared from sugarcane. Two such unrefined and healthy sweeteners that can be used to make a pie are mentioned below. 


1.  Panela


Whole sugarcane is used to manufacture palena which is an unrefined sweetener popular in Central and Latin America. Mature sugar canes are juiced and the liquid is boiled till all the water from it evaporates. It leaves being a solid which is rich in glucose and fructose. This simple process of manufacture makes the mineral content of this sweetener 50 times that of refined sugar. The iron in palena plays an important role in the prevention of anemia in young girls and pregnant women and the high amount of calcium that it contains improves bone and teeth structure. Potassium, phosphorus magnesium and vitamin A are the other nutrients that are present in this super healthy sweetener. It adds a rich flavor to the avocado pie and is highly recommended for sugar free baking.


2. Rapadura


Also known as jaggery, this is another sweetener made wholly from ripe sugar cane juice. Date palm is used less frequently to manufacture rapadura. The raw juice is boiled in large iron vessels to a temperature of 200º c till a solid mass is left behind. The color of the end product varies from light to dark brown. It contains all the goodness of the sugarcane and is rich in iron and potassium. Also it has only 15 calories per 4 g, which is lesser than that in table sugar. As it is not refined, it does not impact blood sugar levels and is a better alternative to white sugar.




Health Benefits Of Avocados


  • Ripe avocados are full of good fats which reduce inflammatory responses and lower the risk of heart diseases. It is a myth that avocados are unhealthy because of their fat content.



  • When avocados are added to salads, the fatty acids in them increase the absorption of two fat soluble antioxidants namely lycopene and beta carotene. This goes a long way in keeping cells and tissues healthy and disease free.


  • The levels of vitamin K in avocado is very high. This performs a very important function, the clotting of blood which is indispensable for human survival.


Avocado black

  • A diet rich in this fruit has been proven to lower the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides significantly. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and keeps the heart healthy.



An avocado pie can be made so healthy just by changing the sweetener that one uses. Remember no sweetener whether artificial or natural can replace exercise and healthy eating for weight loss and well-being.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Avocado Pie