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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Date Pie

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Date pieSugar free baking has many advantages that has made it very popular and much sought after. A sugar free date pie is relatively easy to make as the main ingredient is a  natural sugar substitute by itself. Though artificial substitutes can also be chosen, they are not recommended for regular use. This is due to the fact that there is insufficient data on the long term effect caused by their consumption on human health. Sweeteners derived from plant sources have been used traditionally in all parts of the world and hence are time tested for their safety. They are made without much processing and this retains all the natural goodness. They have calories just like sugar does, but the additional vitamins and minerals that they contain gives them an edge. Tips to use these healthy sweeteners to make a date pie that has no added sugar are shared in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Honey



It has a nectar like taste and combines wonderfully with the dates in the pie. Honey is extremely stable when used for baking and does not breakdown or alter chemically. For better results, the temperature of the oven has to be reduced by 25 º C to prevent over browning. The sweetness of honey is more than that of sugar and lesser quantity is needed to replace sugar in a recipe. Organic and raw honey is suited for baking as it gives the best flavor and color. When baking for pregnant and lactating women, it is best to use pasteurized honey to prevent any food poisoning caused by fungal spores that are naturally present.


2. Mizuame


This is a very flavorful sweetener that is produced commercially in Japan. Manufactured by using natural ingredients, mizumane is a great addition to the date pie and heightens its taste and flavor. It is a clear liquid that is thick and sticky and is the result of the conversion of starch to sugars. Sticky rice and malt are the main ingredients that make up this sweetener and are acted upon by enzymes to give the end product. The other sources of starch that are often used are sweet potatoes. This sugar substitute is rich in many vitamins and minerals which makes it an ideal replacement to sugar. 


3. Barley Syrup

Barley syrup

  Barley that has been sprouted and malted is the source of this sweetener which has a rich maltose flavor. This is a healthy sweetener as it is rich in water soluble vitamins like niacin and thiamine that are present in whole cereals like barley. This sweetener is rich in nutrients that table sugar lacks which makes it important for growing children and pregnant women. 1 cup of barley syrup is sufficient to sweeten a single date pie.


4. Fructose


 It is the most important naturally occurring sugar that is found in fruits, root vegetables and honey. Fructose is extracted from sugarcane and is available in the form of a white free flowing powder. The use of this sweetener has many advantages when used for baking. It is a flavor enhancer and results in even browning of the baked product. Even though the calories it contains are the same as that of sugar, it does not raise blood sugars very rapidly and is a better option for diabetics.


5. Molasses

Barley Syrup

It is a by product obtained when sugarcane and sugar beets are used for the production of white sugar. It is a thick black syrup that is much valued because of the nutrients that it contains and has been traditionally used as a health supplement. Iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium are some of the minerals that this sweetener contains in moderate amounts. Its vitamin profile is also good in comparison to table sugar which lacks it entirely. 


6. Apple Juice

Apple juice

This is an excellent sweetener that makes the pie taste even more delicious. 2 cups of unsweetened apple juice gives just the right amount of taste and flavor to the pie. Considering that the dates are very sweet in the first place, the apple juice does not need any other additional sweetener The health benefits that are obtained from the juice are the fiber and potassium present in the fruit pulp. At home, peeled ripe apples can be juiced to make this sugar substitute in a jiffy.


A date pie is a very healthy dessert when made with the addition of the above mentioned sweeteners. It makes a guilt free dessert that will have everyone asking for more. 


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Date Pie