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Needles In Sandwiches- Food Safety Gone For A Toss

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Needles in Delta Airlines SandwichesTwo of Delta Airlines flights from the Netherlands made News today as passengers were served with tiny, sharp needles well packed within their turkey sandwiches. The sewing needles were found mid-air as the passengers unwrapped their sandwiches while flying to Seattle and Minneapolis from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Two more of these deadly artifacts were discovered by passengers  en route to Atlanta on planes of the same airline. The incident has horrified one and all while Kristin Baur, the spokesperson for the airline tried to make amends by stating that all flights from Amsterdam have been ordered to cease serving the sandwiches.


The Incident

The apparently small incident could have serious consequences if the passengers had not been so alert. In fact, a female flyer to Minneapolis did manage to get jabbed while biting into the sandwich but declined any kind of medical treatment on being asked. The FBI has been asked to take over now and are going to investigate every aspect of the case thoroughly.


The Investigation

Gate Gourmet, a firm providing food for Delta Airlines for all its flights operating to and from Amsterdam is exceedingly alarmed too. Their spokesperson denied any lack of safety precautions and said that the entire incident has been extremely upsetting for them. The food safety of the passengers have been compromised  with and  whatever the company says, they are bound to find themselves answering a lot of questions by both the TWA and FBI soon enough. Both Delta Airlines as well as Gate Gourmet are cooperating with the authorities at present.


What Now?

The airlines is now serving pre-packaged food instead of sandwich aboard its flights. Gate Gourmet has not taken any kind of action against its employees for now because as their spokesperson Ulosevich said, “it’s now part of an active investigation.” The company also wants to hold their own investigations apart from the official one launched by the US authorities. Serving gourmet meals in the sky,  cooked by celeb chefs  will actually be of no consequence if the food safety is jeopardized.


Ulosevich also mentioned that his firm has been supplying food to several other airlines as well. However, instances of food tampering that jeopardize the safety of passengers had never been reported before.


We hope that the authorities resolve the issue soon enough. Food safety aboard a flight isn’t quite as sacrosanct as the airlines would have us believe. There have been numerous such reports before. However, we hope to see the end of it and soon!


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Needles In Sandwiches- Food Safety Gone For A Toss