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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Grape Pie

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Grape Pie SliceThe average American consumes 100 g of white sugar every single day, in the form of juices, breakfast cereals and of course desserts. A grape pie is one such dessert which when made with sugar free ingredients is a very healthy way to end a meal. The advantages of sugar substiutes is that many of them have reduced calories or no calories which does not effect blood sugar levels or cause weight gain. This is true of lab made artificial sweeteners that our body is not able to digest and absorb. Many of them have been approved by governing agencies but have often been reported to have side defects that range from diarrhea to cancer. For this reason, sweeteners and spices that are extracted from plant sources have been preferred. They have calories just like sugar does but are free from any dire health consequences. They can be safely incorporated into sugar free baking and consumed by children too. Some tips that will help you choose natural sweetners for a sugar free grape pie are mentioned in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup

Brown rice is a cereal grain that is undoubtly wholesome and unrefined. To obtain a sweetener, brown rice flour is cooked with natural enzymes that have been extracted mainly from barley sprouts. This helps to breakdown the starch in the grain to its simple constituents, namely glucose, maltose and maltotriose. While it is rich in many essential nutrients, it raises blood sugar levels faster than table sugar. It should be used sparingly by diabetics but can be enjoyed in moderation by the normal and healthy population.


2. Arrope


It is the perfect natural sweetener to go into a sugar free grape pie. It is grape juice that has been boiled and reduced till it has reached a thick syrup like consistency. It is then cooled and used as a sugar free additive. It has no added sugar and the sweetness is because a special variety of grapes called Pedro ximines is used for manufacture. This fruit is naturally abundant in an antioxidant called resveratrol that has been attributed to high levels of immunity and low risk of heart disease and cancer.


3. Honey


There are many types of honey one can choose from to replace table sugar while baking a grape pie. One variety of honey is known as mono floral, which means that its source is a single type of flower. The color and special flavor have made this variety much sought after. Health benefits of raw  honey are due to the vitamins, minerals and antiseptic agents that make it very nourishing. It is much sweeter than sugar and about 3/ 4 cup is needed in place of 1 cup of sugar mentioned in the recipe. This saves calories and is a better and healthier option.


4. Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar Cubes

This has been traditionally used as a sweetener and is obtained by processing the sap of the sugar maple tree. It is made by boiling the sap for a long time till all the water has evaporated from it. All that finally remains are sugar crystals that are shaped into blocks for consumption. As it is a very labor intensive process, it is available only in select health stores. It is rich in minerals like potassium and iron whose levels have to be maintained for a healthy body.


5. Yacon Syrup


A natural sweetener, it is extracted from the root of the yacon plant. The main constituent of this sweetener is a compound called FOS ( Fructooligosaccharides) which when ingested, ferments in the intestines and improves the absorption of nutrients. The calories it contains is half of what is present in table sugar and its effect on blood sugar levels is also nil. Yacon syrup gives a lovely caramel like flavor to the grape pie apart from the many health benefits.


A grape pie that is made without sugar is tastier than you can imagine. Also it provides the body with essential nutrients that table sugar lacks. Sugar free baking definitely has its benefits.!


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Grape Pie