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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Vanilla Pie

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Vanilla pieA flaky, light crust and a delightful sweet  filling go in to make a delectable vanilla pie. A sugar free pie can also be made by using healthy sugar substitutes. This is important considering the fact that an average American consumes about 20 teaspoons of refined white sugar a day which is the main reason for the rise in the rates of obesity. Heart problems and diabetes are also associated with weight gain but can thankfully be prevented. The first step is to make healthy desserts at home where one can choose ingredients that are low calorie and wholesome. There are many natural sweeteners and spices that can be added in the place of sugar to give the same result as a sugar laden pie. Tips to prepare a healthy vanilla cream pie with sugar free ingredients are given in this blog.




Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Volemitol


It is a sweeter that is found naturally in certain fungi, algae and many plants. It is very sweet and can be added to bring out all the flavors in the vanilla pie. It is available in the form of a fine powder in a few health stores across the United States. The stability of volemitol is maintained when used for baking and the taste is just like sugar. It should be used in small quantities as it can otherwise cause diarrhea and abdominal gas formation. The calories it contains is very low and hence the effect on blood sugar levels is minimum.


2. Birch Syrup

Birch Syrup

It is the perfect sweetener to go into a vanilla pie due to its distinctive caramel flavor with a hint of spice. This natural sweetener is extracted from the sap of the birch tree by reducing it till a thick syrup like consistency is reached. The end product has equal amounts of fructose and glucose in it. The temperature of the oven must be lowered by 25 º c to prevent the sugars from burning in the pie and giving a bitter and unpleasant taste. Birch syrup is healthy as it is rich in vitamins and minerals that are present in the sap of the tree.


3. Agave Nectar

Agave nectar

This is another popular sweetener that can be used for all types of cooking and is a very versatile ingredient. It is commonly used as a substitute for honey because of its similar taste and texture. For a healthy sweetener, chose either raw agave nectar or the unrefined one which is manufactured at low temperatures to keep the helpful vitamins and enzymes intact. This sweetener can also be consumed by diabetics as it gets converted to glucose very slowly in the body and does not allow its levels to peak. 


4. Cinnamon


This spice when chewed well has an undeniable sweet taste. While this is not sufficient to sweeten a pie, this aromatic spice is a must for sugar free baking. The aroma of a vanilla pie with generous amount of cinnamon is simply out of the world. Cinnamon combines all the flavors and heightens the sweetness of the pie. For diabetics and overweight , the health benefits of cinnamon include its ability to reduce blood sugars, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. A handful of this spice can be blended at home into a smooth power, and 2 teaspoons can be used for sugar free baking.


5. Fruit Syrups


They are concentrated juices from fruits like apples, peaches, pears and pineapples and give a sweet fruity note to the pie. Go in for juices that have added honey or fructose in the place of table sugar. This will increase the shelf life of the product and at the same time make it a very healthy substitute. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from the fruits are an added bonus. Since the calorie profile is the same as sugar, fruit syrups should be used in moderation.


A vanilla pie can be a guilt free dessert if it is made with these natural sugar free substitutes. Remember moderation is the key for all sweeteners, whether artificial or natural.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Vanilla Pie