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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pineapple Pie

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Pineapple pieA favourite dessert of many,the pineapple pie, can be made healthier by using sugar free ingredients. A sugar substitute is any sweetener that will replace sugar in cooking and baking and is often recommended for diabetics and overweight individuals. Many are manufactured artificially and more and more are being extracted from natural sources which are being recognized for their unique taste and flavor. The important points to remember while choosing a sweetener is its stability during baking and safety for human use. Artificial sweeteners are not digested or absorbed by the human body and give negligible or no calories. Natural ones have calorie profile similar to table sugar but the advantage is that they can be used by children and the elderly. Helpful tips to bake a pineapple pie by using sugar free substitutes are shared in the blog below.


Sugar Free Substitutes


1. Fruit Juice


The juice extracted from ripe fruits have the highest amount of the natural sugar namely fructose. This is sweeter than sugar and a great ingredient for a sugarless pie. 100% fruit juice when added to the pie will give it an aromatic fruity note and also replace a large amount of sugar that is otherwise needed. Apples, grapes and peaches are very sweet and are best used for this purpose. These juices provide beta carotene, vitamin C and potassium which regulate many important and essential body functions. They also bridge the gap between the 4- 5 servings of fruits that are recommended on a daily basis, to the actual intakes that are well below average.



2. Algarrobina


It is a natural sweetener that is extracted from the black carob, a leguminous tree which grows in Argentina and Paraguay. The sweetener is obtained from the pod and is available in a few health stores in the form of a syrup. It has an intense sweet taste and can be used in the same quantity as the sugar mentioned in the recipe. It gives good results as a sugar free baking ingredient and is very healthy too. It is rich in protein which is completely nil in table sugar. Algarrobina also contains a considerable amount of vitamins which make it a very important sweetener.




Health Benefits Of Pineapples


  • They are citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin C which prevents frequent recurrence of cold and cough as it strengthens the immune system. Vitamin C also has anti cancer properties.



  • The fruit pulp is rich in an enzyme called bromelain. This helps to digest the proteins that we take as part of our food and also helps in reducing inflammation.


Grilled pineapple

  • The presence of the trace mineral manganese in pineapple is beneficial as it helps in proper bone formation and is also an important constituent of many enzymes produced in the body.



These natural sugar free ingredients are indispensable for a sweet pie that is full of pineapple health benefits. Two or more of these sweeteners can also be combined without any side effects to add extra flavor and a unique taste.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pineapple Pie