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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Mango Pie

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Mango pieThe most loved tropical fruit dessert is undoubtedly a fresh mango pie. To make it healthier, many sugar free ingredients can be added in the place of commonly used white sugar. Sugar is not the best choice as it is highly processed and treated with many chemicals to get the final end product. This leaches the sugar of many essential vitamins and minerals that are present in sugarcane which is its most common source. Also, too much sugar means extra calories that will eventually get converted to fat in the body. For all the above reasons, artificial and natural sweeteners have been developed which contain lesser calories and are hence better for health. Useful tips to make a mango pie that has a light crust and a naturally sweet filling are shared in the blog below.


Sugar Free Ingredients


Some of the plant derived sweeteners that can be used to sweeten a no sugar pie are mentioned below. They are more wholesome when compared to white sugar. 


1. Malt Syrup

Malt syrup

Malt is made from cereal grains which are soaked in water and germinated. This results in the formation of enzymes that convert the starch in the grains to sugars. The liquid extract from malted cereals is a thick sweet syrup that has been traditionally used as a dietary supplement. Now it is very popular for baking and can be used to replace sugar. Malt is rich in many vitamins and minerals and adds a lovely flavor, which everybody who has consumed malt based beverages is familiar with. The added health benefits of mangoes makes this pie a must have on a dessert menu. 



2. Molasses Sugar


It is also known as muscovado sugar and is popular because of its overpowering molasses flavor. It is commonly used to make Christmas cakes and can also be added while making a mango pie. It is available in a granulated form and is dark brown in appearance. It is more unrefined than brown sugar and is one of the best available natural sweeteners. The calories that it contains are also lesser than that in table sugar, while being rich in micro nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. Molasses sugar is now being prepared from organically grown sugarcanes in small scale farms.




Health Benefits Of Mango


  • Fleshy and juicy mangoes are rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals and fiber. The antioxidant count is also very high making mangoes an ideal fruit for good health.



  • Vitamin C, A and B6 are present in high amounts in mangoes. The level of folic acid is also good. These vitamins are needed to maintain healthy skin, nerves and blood vessels.


  • Mangoes have a constituent called triterpene which has been clinically proven to prevent the cancer of the skin and the prostate gland.




  • Minerals like copper and potassium are also present in significant amounts in the mango pulp. The protein content of mango is also higher when compared to other fruits.  



A sweet mango pie does not have to be made with white sugar only, as there are so many other options to choose from. Reducing sugar from the diet is an important step towards healthy eating.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Mango Pie