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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pear Pie

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Pear pieA sugar free pie made with pears can taste simply out of the world. It is not always necessary to add sugar as a treat. We can look forward to the sugarless variety as well. There are many sugar free replacements in the market that will provide the same golden brown color and taste to the pie along with many other essential nutrients that white refined sugar lacks. Health experts all over the world are skeptical about the effects of artificial sweeteners on regular use and more scientific studies are needed to determine this. The only advantage of such sugar substitutes is that they have low or no calories. Natural sweeteners on the other hand have a calorific profile similar to sugar, but are not toxic to human health. Tips on making a sugar free fresh pear pie are shared in the blog below. 



Sugar Free Ingredients 


1. Brown Rice Sugar

Rice syrup

It is prepared by the action of enzymes on cooked rice and is the result of the breakdown of starch in the rice grains by the action of heat. The liquid that remains is cooked till it turns into a thick syrup, rich in natural sugars. It is not as sweet as sugar and has only 50 % of the sweetness. It has a delicate butterscotch flavor that goes very well with the pears in the pie. It is a wiser option for diabetics as it does not allow blood sugars to rise dangerously. It is very suitable for baking and a little more than a cup is needed to replace 1 cup of sugar.


2. Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado sugar

The main source of this sugar is sugarcane. The juice extracted from sugarcanes is cooked and allowed to cool till there is a formation of sugar crystals. These are then washed to remove the impure particles and the result is a tan colored sugar. They are available in certain health stores only and are usually prepared from organically grown sugarcane. It is miles ahead of white sugar as it is rich in many vitamins and minerals due to the high amount of molasses that it has. This makes the pie one of the most heart healthy desserts


3. Stevia


It is a relatively new sweetener in the market, but has been used traditionally to sweeten food in everyday cooking. It is great for baking and very useful as it brings out the flavors of all the other ingredients in the pie. It is available in the form of a powder and also as a liquid for easy incorporation into food. It needs to be used in the same quantity as the sugar specified in the recipe. It can also be added to prepare the sauce for the pie and used instead of sugar while poaching the pears.


4. Raisins


A handful of raisins will provide a significant amount of sweetness to the pear pie. They are also very healthy as they are minimally processed and are only dried to remove all the moisture from fresh grapes. The amount of iron in raisins is concentrated and is the reason they are recommended for anemic individuals to improve their health. These dry fruits can be chopped finely and added to the pie or blended with some water. It is as simple as that but the benefits for health are tremendous.


5. Sucanat


This is a molasses rich sweetener that has a lovely caramel like flavor and an intense sweet taste. It is made from specially grown organic sugarcane and is free of harmful pesticide and chemical residues. The juice from sugarcanes is extracted and evaporated with the help of machines which gives a uniform and impurity free product. Since it is very close to its natural state and only deprived of moisture, it makes for a very nutritious sugar substitute. It is available in the form of a powder and can be measured just like sugar.


It is hard to believe your taste buds after eating a sugar free pear pie because it tastes just as good as the ones made with sugar. The extra dose of healthy nutrients is a double bonus.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pear Pie