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Benefits of Hemp Milk

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Packaged hemp milkHemp is an eco friendly plant which is known to be cultivated since ancient times. Hemp milk (a delicious blend of ithe plant seeds and water) has several benefits which accounts for  its high demand all over the world.  The milk has a creamy texture and a nutty taste. It is highly recommended by experts for its easy digestion and fatty acid balance which is just perfect for our body. The milk is easily available in speciality as well as health stores.



Nutrition Facts:

Nutrition Facts of hemp milk

  • Good alternative to dairy products:


Those who are highly allergic to milk find this animal milk a good alternative since it does not cause allergic reactions.Making of hemp milk by blending the seeds



Hemp is a nutritious protein and contains a large number of vitamins such as A, E, B-12 and also folic acid. It is richly loaded with minerals like magnesium, iron and potassium which is highly beneficial for the human body. A glass of hemp milk in a day, gives the body its daily requirement of minerals and vitamins. All these minerals and vitamins help in improving the circulation of body and acts as anti-inflammatory agents.


  • Good for bone health:


Hemp milk is rich in calcium which is good for bone health. It helps in improving bone structure and strengthens bones. Those suffering from joint or knee pains are recommended a glass of hemp milk, which helps in strenghtening bones.

Nutritious glass of hemp milk


If you haven't yet tried out hemp milk, I suggest you try it out once. You will love its taste and enjoy its many benefits.


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Benefits Of Hemp Milk