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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Watermelon Pie

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Watermelon pieA watermelon is a water and iron rich fruit and a great ingredient for a sugar free pie. The ripe fruit itself can be very sweet and makes for a delicious fruity pie. This pie not only becomes a low calorie treat, it does not raise blood sugar levels at a dangerous pace which is harmful for health. Other sweeteners may also be added in the place of table sugar to make a pie that is not loaded with unwanted calories and can be had more often during the week. Artificial and natural sugar substitutes are suited for baking pies and many are approved by medical and governing bodies as aceptable and safe for human consumption. Simple and easy to follow tips that will help you make a delightful sugar free watermelon pie are listed in the blog below.




Sugar Free Ingredients


1. Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar

Also known as coco sugar, this sweetener is time tested for its safety and has been used for centuries in many Asian countries to flavor food. It is extracted from the flower sap of the coconut palm and is available in the form of a liquid, crystals and a solid block. It gives the watermelon pie a beautiful golden brown color and a rich caramel flavor. It is very safe for a diabetic since it has a low glycemic index which means that it gets converted to glucose very slowly in the body and does not allow it to peak. It is very high in vitamins, minerals and even amino acids which makes it superior to table sugar in all aspects. It is very stable when used for baking and the taste is lovely and very well accepted.


2. Thaumatin


This is a relatively new protein sweetener to hit the market and is derived form the katemfe fruit. The proteins are very sweet and in some cases, 2000 times sweeter than sugar. It has been approved as a sweetener in the European Union and a few Asian countries. In the United States, it falls under the GRAS category ( Generally Regarded As Safe). It can be used for baking as it mixes well in water and does not get altered chemically when subjected to high temperatures.


3. Honey


It is very commonly used for baking due to its nectar like taste and unique flavor. It is a good replacement for table sugar because it is much sweeter and healthier. The watermelon pie will be slightly moist and deliciously dense due to the honey that has been added to it. Health benefits of raw honey  are plenty and it is considered to be a better sugar substitute as it contains trace amount of nutrients and antioxidants. Buy a superior grade honey and never an unbranded product.


4. Xylitol


It is also known by the name sugar alcohol and contains about half the calories as that in sugar. Since bacteria cannot use this sweetener as food, it does not contribute to tooth decay and this has made it highly opted for. For diabetics, a watermelon pie that is baked with xylitol is a safer bet as it will have a negligible effect on blood sugar levels. It is easy to use and needs to be added to the dessert in the same amount as white sugar. However if you are not used to it, it can initiate a bout of diarrhea and hence the advice is to incorporate it gradually into the diet.


5. Fruit Concentrates



They add an exciting flavor and color to the pie, and not to mention the right amount of sweetness. Apple and peach concentrates are a good choice as they combine beautifully with the watermelons and give a burst of flavor. This also makes the pie concentrated in vitamins and minerals which are derived naturally from the fruits. Watermelon juice can also be added in place of water and used to make the pie filling, crust or the topping sauce. This makes a very healthy dessert as watermelon brings down blood pressure levels. 


Watermelon pie just got healthier by the use of these sugar free options. Not only are the above sweeteners a healthier choice, they are also better tasting than sugar because of their natural and unique flavors. 


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Watermelon Pie