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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Rhubarb Pie

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Rhubarb pieRhubarb has a strong tart taste and when turned into a pie, is usually made with a lot of sugar to balance this sourness. Diabetics, overweight individuals and those who are suffering from cardiac diseases cannot eat this large amount of sugar and a sugar free variant of the pie is suitable for them. Rhubarbs itself is a healthy ingredient and has laxative properties that have been used for centuries. A scientific study also showed its capacity to reduce blood sugar levels in mice who were diabetic. The pie can be even more nutritious if suitable substitutes are used to sweeten the pie which have preferably been derived naturally. Many such sweeteners are lining the shelves in health stores and helpful tips to use them to bake a rhubarb pie are given in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients For Making Rhubarb Pie


1. Palm Sugar

Palm sugar

It is a naturally obtained sweeter made from the sap of the palm tree. The sago palm and sugar palm varieties are commonly used for this sweetener. It is available in the market as solid cakes which can be broken and used as per need. Though it is rich in calories, it has no safety issues like artificially manufactured sugar substitutes have and can be used for children and mothers to be without any worry. Additionally, it contains a small amount of vitamin A, which is needed for better immunity and resistance.


2. Apples


They are an important ingredient for making a rhubarb pie as their use gives the pie a natural sweetness and removes a lot of the tartness. Apples need to be cooked without their skin and then pureed to make an apple sauce. A 100% apple juice can also be added to the sauce instead of water. Make sure that the juice is free of preservatives, sugar and additives so that it makes a very natural sweetener. Adding some lemon juice in the end will increase the shelf life of the sauce and prevent it from darkening. Apples have plenty of fiber which is needed to keep bowels functioning well.


3. Strawberry


Juicy and ripe strawberries can be cooked and converted into a jam which will add a nice mild sweetness to the pie. Chop fresh strawberries and mash them till they become a pulp. This should be heated and constantly stirred till it reaches a jam like consistency. To make it sweeter and eliminate the tang, a tablespoon or two of honey can be added. Strawberries are very healthy as they are rich in vitamin C and contain many antioxidants that help prevent diseases such as diabetes.


4. Cinnamon And Cardamon


They are referred to as sweet spices because of how they taste when eaten. To bring out the sweetness even more and distribute it evenly in the rhubarb pie, it is best that they are first lightly roasted and then finely powdered. This will bring out the taste and sweetness of other ingredients in the pie and make a great tasting dessert. Use them in small quantities as otherwise the flavor can be very overpowering. Both the spices have antioxidants and essential oils that fight free radical damage to our body cells and keep them healthy. They are must have spices in a rhubarb menu


5. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup

Extracted from the sap of the maple tree, it is well accepted as a sugar substitute for baking. When compared to sugar it is lower in calories and has moderate amount of minerals such as manganese and zinc. To replace 1 cup table sugar, use 3/ 4 cup of maple syrup while making the rhubarb pie. To prevent the pie from over browning, it is better to lower the temperature of the oven by 25º c. There are many fake maple syrups available in the market and one needs to read labels carefully before buying the pure one.


Next time you go shopping, choose natural sweeteners over artificial ones and use them to make a delicious rhubarb pie. Remember that natural sweeteners also have calories and should be used in moderation as part of a well balanced diet. 


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Rhubarb Pie