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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Raspberry Pie

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Raspberry pieA freshly made raspberry pie is a favorite all time dessert. To make it more appealing and healthy a sugar free version can be tried and trust me, it will be far better than your expectations. For those of you who thought that baking a dessert is all about the sugar, this is a real eye opener. There are many natural alternative sweeteners that are just as good and sweet as sugar. When used to make a pie, the result is a flaky crust and moist filling similar to the one made with oodles and oodles of sugar. If you are stepping into the world of sugarless baking, this blog is a must read. It shares with you some healthy and sweet tips to make the most mouth watering raspberry pie ever, one that you will surely want to make again a second time.



Sugar Free Ingredients For Making Raspberry Pie


1. Bananas


Not only will it make your pie more fruity, a cup of ripe banana puree will add a substantial amount of the natural sweetener fructose. It will reduce the dependency on table sugar and help you make a pie that has a lovely aroma and taste. Choose bananas whose skins are just turning brown for the most amount of sweetness. The browning is due to the action of enzymes and not a sign of rotting as many of us believe. The banana pulp will simply melt away in the pie and tone down a lot of the tartness in the berries. A simple tip that can give amazing results.


2. Honey


It is a staple in many kitchens and very handy for baking. Since it very sweet, only about half a cup needs to be used in the place of sugar for the purpose of baking. This gives just the right amount of sweetness and a tablespoon more can be added if needed. Honey is any day preferred over sugar since it is rich in antioxidants and according to recent data, can help to lower cholesterol levels. In addition, it has many other nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals whose concentration increases with the darkness of the honey. One word of advice is that do not buy unpackaged honey as it may be contaminated with cheaper sweeteners which deprive us the health benefits of raw honey


3. Blackstrap Molasses


It is a thick and dark liquid that is extremely rich in iron and highly recommended for those who need to increase the levels of this vital nutrient in their body. It is suitable for baking as it gives good results and does not break down into its constituent simple sugars. Since it has a slight acidic flavor, it is better to use it in combination with other sweeteners mentioned in this blog. While using blackstrap molasses to make a raspberry pie it is noticed that the dessert has a tendency to over brown at normal baking temperatures. To avoid this, reduce baking temperature by 25 ° c.


4. Agave Nectar

Agave nectar

The agave plant is used to make this sweetener which has a caramel like taste and much lesser calories compared to white sugar. According to scientific data, it also has a gut friendly prebiotic, which improves absorption of nutrients in the food that we consume. Agave nectar mixes well in water and gives excellent results when used for baking. As it has a very sweet taste, only 3/ 4 cup is needed in place of one cup table sugar. There are many counterfeit ones in the market, so make sure that you buy only a well known brand.


5. Raspberry Jam


Sugar free jams and pulps are plentiful in the market and are also healthier options. Fruit sugar or fructose is added in the place of sugar and such jams make an easy filling for the raspberry pie. This avoids the addition of cupfuls of sugar that traditional pies cannot do without. When these berries are in season, it is a good idea to make the pulp at home so that it can be a useful part of a yummy pie.


A very raspberry pie made with sugar free ingredients is a matter of finding the right natural substitute and using it in a way that best suits your needs. A sugar free pie is a superb dessert and a healthy ending to a meal.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Raspberry Pie