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China Takes Action As Athletes Say No Meat!

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Chinese Athletes suffer from lack of meatThe Chinese officials are now determined to enforce food safety regulations even more strictly. This news comes in the wake of numerous food safety scandals  that have been hitting China in the recent years. However, the Asian giant is particularly upset by the disturbing news of its athletes avoiding meat for fear of being suspected of doping. Clenbuterol, the chemical in question is widely used to make meat leaner in China. However, it is included among the list of banned drugs circulated by the International Olympic Committee. There have been several instances of the players starving before going on to compete in international games too. The outcome is highly undesirable with Chinese athletes and other sports person finding it difficult to build up the necessary strength for competitive games.


The Cause & The Effect

Yu Juemin, the coah of the Chinese women’s Volley Ball team blamed the meat less diet for the disastrous results of his team recently. "We dare not eat meat when competing outside [of our home base] for fear of clenbuterol … and it does affect our strength". The Chinese team had suffered humiliating defeats at the hands of US, Brazil, Thailand and Turkey in four consecutive games.


The police and authorities are now cracking down on people and companies involved in the food adulteration racket. The Chinese police have arrested a gang for making fake beer with hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde. Tsingtao lager, known as the flagship beer of the country had not been immune to this counterfeiting action either.


The Solution?

Wu Heng, the founder of a Chinese website that monitors various food based scandals closely and advises people to throw products out of the window if not up to the mark noted that food safety is now being treated seriously. "The food safety issue has caught the attention of high-ranking officials. Never before has it been [dealt with] at such senior a level." Says Wu although he admits being more cautious than optimistic. The government has formulated a 3-year plan for tackling the problem, he admits. But there has been no particular timeline or details about specific action forthcoming from the authorities.


The officials are now planning to link the promotion and incentives of officials directly to the food safety measures taken by them. However, there is a need for harsh punishments reiterates Wu Heng specially for people who think nothing of contaminating baby food or formula milk.


We do hope that China manages to be successful in enforcing Food safety regulations. The London Olympics has played its part in making the government see light. Here’s hoping that the Chinese contingent  can get their fill of nutritious protein in the form of meat before the games start at the end of this month.



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China Takes Action As Athletes Say No Meat!