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Benefits of Banana Milk

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Delicious banana milkAs a kid, I simply loved to indulge in the delicious sweet banana milk – could have them anytime and anywhere. Now, as a mother, I know the health benefits of this drink and how it can boost our overall health. It is rich in essential nutrients and if you do not add ice-cream or sweeteners, it is low in calories too. Added fruits will bring in more nutrients along with enhancing the taste and flavor.




  • Makes quick meals and snacks:

Most of us feel tempted to skip breakfast – if time is a problem and you are in a hurry, this milk can be a quick solution.  This makes a healthy alternative to the sugary and fatty snacks. Have it in the afternoon when your body craves for snacks – it’s filling and healthy.


  • Helps to lose weight:

 If you are trying to lose weight since long, try a glass of this milk every morning, instead of fruit juices or other breakfast options. It makes a great addition to your weight loss regimen.


  • Keeps heart healthy:

This drink is richly loaded with heart friendly proteins and fiber. This helps in keeping the heart healthy without additional efforts.


  • Good for bone health:

Milk contains plenty of minerals in the form of magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and overall calcium. These help in maintaining strong bones and teeth. Regular consumption of banana milk is known to offer relief from joint pains.

Banana milk is good for bone health

  • Helps to maintain a healthy immune system:

Milk is a good source of vitamin A and C which is recommended to keep a healthy immune system. Potassium present in milk plays an important role in the functioning of digestive system and functioning of muscles.


So, to have a healthy life you just need to prepare a glass of banana milk and have it at least once a day – you will be done with your dose of nutrition.


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Benefits Of Banana Milk