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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Coconut Pie

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coconut pieA creamy and sweet coconut pie makes a delectable dessert and a calorie rich one too. To make a healthier version suitable for diabetics and overweight individuals, sugar substitutes and spices can be used in the place of sugar. The end result will not be very different from the sugary variants in terms of taste and texture, and will in fact contain lesser calories and more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Sugar substitutes are not necessarily artificial sweeteners that are low or zero calorie, but many are unprocessed and unrefined natural ones which are better for health when compared to white sugar. Enjoy baking a sugar free coconut pie with the tips given in the blog below.



Sugar Free Ingredients For Making Coconut Pie


1. Banana

bananas on a pie

Ripe bananas contain a high amount of sugar which makes them a natural and healthy substitute to table sugar. They also enhance the flavor of the coconut which is the main ingredient of the pie. To use bananas, two to three ripe ones need to be peeled and mashed and the puree obtained can be mixed in the pie crust or the filling for a burst of sweetness. Bananas are rich in potassium which helps the body maintain blood pressure levels and a healthy nervous as well as muscular system.


2. Molasses

coconut pie

This is a dark colored thick liquid which is obtained as a by- product in the sugar processing industry. It not only adds a unique flavor to your pie but also makes it dense and moist. It contains trace amounts of vital minerals like calcium and iron and also some water soluble vitamins. Since it is less sweeter than sugar, while baking a pie, it should be used in higher quantities that the amount of sugar given in the recipe.


3. Honey


After table sugar, honey is the the most popular sweetener and gives good results when used for baking. Due to the chemical nature of honey, baked goodies turn a lovely golden brown and are nutritionally superior too. Honey is much sweeter than sugar and must be used in lesser amounts while replacing sugar in baking. Honey is considered to be a healthy option as not only is it natural, it is also enriched with trace vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and antiseptic agents.


4. Fruit Juice Concentrates


Fruits such as apples, peaches or oranges are available in the market in the form of fruit juice concentrates. The naturally occurring fruit sugar fructose or in many cases glucose is added to sweeten such concentrates. They make a perfect replacement to table sugar and add a great fruit flavor to the coconut pie making it sweet tasting and very delicious. If the recipe asks for 1 cup white sugar, use ¾ cup fruit concentrate instead. It will also give you a good amount of additional nutrients like vitamin C, potassium and iron.


5. Agave Nectar

Coconut pie

Also called agave syrup, this natural sweetener is extracted from the agave plant that grows in parts of South Africa and Mexico. It is suitable for baking and contributes a rich caramel flavor to the pie. It is one and a half times sweeter than sugar and should be used in small quantities to prevent an overpowering sweet taste to the pie. It is healthier than sugar and does not raise blood sugar levels quickly. However too much of it can cause triglyceride levels to rise and hence should be used with care.


6. Raisins


These are super healthy, loaded with potassium and iron and a quick source of energy. They are the result of grapes that have been dried and this process makes them very sweet. Raisins can be chopped and added to the pie or soaked in water and turned into a paste. They are all natural and a great substitute to sugar.


Making a coconut pie without sugar is not only better for health, it is also tastier as it is loaded with beautiful and unique flavors. Always choose natural substitutes as they are safer for health and yummier too.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Coconut Pie