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Herbal Remedies For Dengue Fever

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Herbs for dengueA mosquito called  Aedes aegypti, is the cause of the dreaded dengue fever. There are many herbal remedies that can be opted for to manage the symptoms like headache, body ache, fever and vomiting that causes extreme fatigue in this viral infection. The other major symptom that helps in the diagnosis of this condition is the appearance of a rash all over the body which is red and painful. The mosquito is the carrier of a virus which is primarily responsible for the fever, and for which there are no specific drugs as yet. The aim of the treatment is to bring down fever and manage dehydration so as to hasten recovery and avoid further complications. The herbs that can be used for improving symptoms and immunity in dengue fever are explored in the blog below.



Natural Treatment Options For Dengue Fever


  • Holy Basil – This is a herb that has many medicinal properties and has historically been used to provide relief from dengue fever. The raw leaves can be chewed or brewed into a herbal tea to obtain basil broth health benefits. The herb is also dried and powdered and one to two teaspoons of this is mixed into plain water and consumed daily. The antiseptic essential oils in the leaves help to soothe and heal the stomach and also acts as a relaxant.


  • Bonoset- It is a commonly available plant which has played an important role in management of dengue fever since historic times. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that it does indeed have a healing effect against the virus responsible for the infection and at the same time helps reduce inflammation. It is best consumed in the form of a tea and gives quick and effective results.


  • Temu kunci. - This is a native herb which is very popular in  Asian countries. It has powerful anti viral properties that have been proven by many studies. It can prevent the spread of the virus as the flavonols in the herb stop the virus from multiplying in the body cells. To use, a paste of the fresh herb needs to be made which can then be diluted in sufficient water. This is to be consumed throughout the day on a regular basis. 


  • Boesenbergia Rotunda- This herb is also known as Chinese ginger and is very commonly used in Southeast Asia. It has antioxidants that can inhibit the growth of the dengue virus. The use of the herb reduces muscular pain and nausea which causes great distress in people who suffer from this condition. A paste made with the roots is used for treatment.


  • Ginger- It forms the base of Ayurvedic treatment for dengue as it reduces body pain and headache, at the same time provides relief from fatigue, by increasing energy levels. Another important benefit from the use of ginger for health is the reduction in levels of nausea. A paste is made by adding a little water to dry and powdered ginger and tiny pellets are made out of it. This is swallowed with water like other medicines.



As there are no drugs till date to cure dengue, we need more such herbal remedies to fight this dangerous disease. Nature is the best healer and all efforts should be taken to grow and sustain more such indigenous plants and herbs.


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Herbal Remedies For Dengue Fever