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Obesity Increases World Population By 500000000

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Obese ManThe rising obesity graph has been a concerning factor for the world in general and US in particular  for quite some time now. However, scientists recently revealed that the food required to sustain all those extra pounds  could well have supported about half a billion more people on this planet. So it is not only health that is being compromised by not doing anything about obesity, the fat of the world is also proving to be an enormous strain on Earth according the report published by the ‘British Medical Council’.



How Was The Calculation Done


The researchers took into account the BMI(body mass index ) and height to get the average body mass of an adult.


The total biomass= average adult body mass X population


The research also included an estimate of the population of those countries which were considered to be obese or prone to obesity.


The results turned out to be quite disturbing with obese or overweight people contributing  3.5 million and 15 million of the total human biomass amounting to 287 million tons respectively.


The Inference

So what do the results reveal? It has been proved conclusively now that the extra biomass is in no way dependant on the total population of a country. The developing countries of India and South Asia or Africa do make up 61% of the world population but the biomass generated due to obesity amounts to a miniscule 13% only. US, on the other hand, contributes 34% of the obesity related biomass although it houses only 6% of the world’s population.

Biomass distribution country wise

Now this is something to be scared indeed! Admitedly the rest of the world will certainly not go the US way vis-a-vis obesity but the trends do show an alarming tendency towards global obesity even now. With obesity comes higher energy needs and US would soon require food for an extra 437 million people despite its population remaining the same.


The Solution

It is time now to think of the best solution available. The world can certainly not do with the fat people gobbling up all the food meant for the next generation. Reports also reveal that obesity and malnutrition do go hand in hand and being undernourished is not directly related to poverty anymore.


The experts advise us to stop and think about it. With the environment already hanging in a precarious balance and the food sources diminishing fast, it would not do let fat people endanger our very existence in the future. The time has come to tackle the issue with seriousness and we certainly hope that the world is listening.


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Obesity Increases World Population By 500000000