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Unsafe To Eat In China

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China Food SafetyFood Safety is one of the leading concerns worldwide now. While USA and most of Europe has certain regulations in place regarding the fundamentals of food manufacturing and packaging, the Asian giant China seems to have been oblivious to it until recently.


The people of China have been feeding on adulterated and contaminated food products, quite unaware of the deadly outcome. The government controlled Republic is not quite so ignorant though. However, it has totally failed to enforce the food safety regulations with quite a lot of the rules being outdated and overlapping or contradictory in nature. Furthermore, the ingenuity of the food manufacturers have kept them a step ahead of the government resulting in appalling items being served in the name of food.


Harmful Infant Formula

The Republic of China controls the largest infant formula market in the world. However, the standard of the formula milk and other infant food leaves much to desire with past records of milk products being contaminated with the industrial chemical, melamine still synonymous with  infant deaths in the mind of ordinary people. Two of the accused milk producers had, in fact, been executed for their deed back in 2008. The products had also been recalled, all over the world.


Echoes of the same is now being witnessed in the dairy industry of China. “Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group”, the largest dairy based company of the country had to recall its milk formula owing to the presence of mercury . This dairy had also been involved in the infant formula scandal of 2008. The presence of aflatoxin, a cancer producing fungus in milk led to the destruction of large quantities of the life giving beverage. The Internet was afloat with millions of sites reporting the incident while common people clamored for action against “China Mengniu Dairy,” the accused company.


Other Contaminated Food

Food that can get contaminated

It is of little wonder, therefore, that the other foods in China would be contaminated and harmful for health as well. Investigations have led to 15,000 dubious companies being discovered of which more than 5,700 were shut down. Some of the common contaminants found in food include:-

  • Formaldehyde in Cabbages
  • Chromium laced gelatin
  • Soft Drinks containing chlorine
  • Grilled kebabs made from cat meat
  • Reuse of cooking oil retrieved from the gutters.
  • Hair in Soy Sauce
  • Noodles garnished with ink and paraffin.
  • Pork Buns glowing in the dark due to the presence of bioluminescent bacteria.
  • Colored peas


Reports of  Food Adulteration

Most of the scandals that involve food do not get reported at all say Xinhua, the official agency of China. The major ones that do get publicized form the tip of an iceberg and amount to a miniscule fraction of the food frauds and food safety violations.

iPhone app- Food Scandal Tracker

Things have worsened so much lately that a new iPhone app was developed with the specific intention of tracking down such outrages. People are concerned about their health though and this was evident from the fact that the app was downloaded 200,000 times in the very first week of its launch.


China started being more vigilant about its food safety standards when the multinationals began to enter the country. However, the world-renowned brands like KFC are not free of guilt either. It had been accused of adding ‘tony red’, a toxic additive to its fried chicken products in 2005.


The scandals have only resulted in a significant lowering of the share prices prompting the foreign players to enter the huge food market of the most populous nation of the world. China hopes to thwart of the problem with its newly formulated 5-year food safety plan but years might pass before contamination of food becomes a thing of past.


Well, we hope that China does manage to find out a way of offering good, wholesome, and nutritious food to its people. And food safety becomes a norm instead of an exception in the country.


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Unsafe To Eat In China