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Health Benefits Of Banana Wine

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Banana WineGive a break to your regular banana shake and grab a bottle of banana wine to relish the semi sweet taste and reap the health benefits of this fruit wine. Banana wine comes loaded with potassium, vitamin C, B6, fiber and manganese. It provides the best cardiovascular protection, soothes  the stomach and is good for your eye sight. The wine is made from fermentation of banana with raisins and white wine. It has its origin in East Africa, but has gained popularity around the globe for its healthful properties with alcohol content of only 8 percent. Let talk about the top health advantages the wine offers.





Top Health Advantages


  • Blood Pressure Control

Banana wine has a whopping amount of potassium, which is directly linked to lowering the blood pressure and preventing the same from spiking in healthy individuals. Being high in dietary fibers, it also helps in lowering the extra pressure on your heart vessels and this links it to being an antidote for arthrosclerosis (condition in which the arteries get clogged leading to strokes). Potassium acts as an electrolyte and balances the proportion of sodium and potassium through specialized channels of sodium-potassium pump, which is found near heart. High levels of sodium are the major reason behind shooting blood pressure and it is neutralized by correct dose of potassium present in the cells. Potassium being a vital nutrient for body, its presence is important for better brain activity and also prevents hemorrhage and brain strokes.


  • Gut Health Insurer

Staggering amounts of fiber and certain unique compounds confer banana wine  the ability to keep your gut in good health. One of them is fructo-oligosacchride (FOS) that helps in nurturing gut friendly bacteria and eliminates the harmful ones. Moreover, banana wine is able to decline the recurrence of diarrhea and constipation. FOS in it also acts as shield against damaging stomach acids that could result in stomach ulcers. There are specific protease inhibitors (protein breaking enzymes) that prevent the bacterial infections by destroying the protein part of bacteria.




  • Wonderful Vitamin Source


Vitamins including B5, B6, C, A are all present in banana wine and this makes it one of the high ranking beverage over other alcoholic ones. Vitamin A helps in restoration of eye sight. Many of the vitamins help in better absorption of calcium into bones and tissues. Thus, along with replenishing various vitamins, you also supply your body with enough of calcium. Vitamin B5 in it is greatly involved in synthesizing special kind of short chain fatty acids that form the inner walls of your small intestine. Thus, wear and tear of intestinal walls are taken care of.


Banana wine is a real charmer! It is infused with both taste and health. So why wait any further, get going with it!


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Health Benefits Of Banana Wine