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Health Benefits Of Fig Wine

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Fig WineOrange, lemon, root ginger and dried figs goes into the making and flavoring of fig wine. Out of many health benefits, fig wine is known to have powerful aphrodisiac qualities. It has an abundance of potassium, iron, manganese, omega-3- and omega -6 fatty acids, vitamin B6 and fibers. This rich nutritional profile makes fig wine stand out among other fruit wines, as it helps in lowering cholesterol, benefits the heart, promotes bone density and pumps more blood into your bodily system. Fig wine is unique in taste and also in healthful properties, to know the truth let’s dig in.


Vital Health Benefits


  • Heart Protection

How does fig wine contribute in heart protection? Well, it is exclusively due to the high amount of omega-3 fatty acids present in it. It is this fat that lowers the triglyceride level in blood. Triglycerides are nothing but unhealthy fat molecules synthesized into bad cholesterol. Lowering in triglycerides thus automatically means reducing the effects of bad cholesterol in our body. This ultimately means that there are lesser chances of heart ailments striking you. Omega -3- fatty acid and omega-6- fatty acids are best known to reduce or prevent inflammation in both heart and brain.


  • Abundance of Antioxidant

Fig wine has polyphenols and many other phytonutrients that alleviate the early symptoms of cancer and is even helpful in diabetes. It has gallic acid, syringic acid, chlorogenic acid, rutin and epicatechin. All these in combined function increases the free radical damage quotient and fills the need of antioxidants in the cancer causing cells. Antioxidants are also capable of preventing heart diseases in many ways.


Other Related Health Benefits

Vitamin A, B, E in fig wine protect against macular degeneration, which is a gradual degradation of the visual cells in the retina of the eye. It is a protective beverage against post menopausal syndrome in women. More than 80 percent of the fiber content in it helps in weight loss. Its anti-diabetic property mitigates the need of external insulin shots in patients.


With all these wonderful health benefits, you must be definitely feeling curious to give it a shot!


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Health Benefits Of Fig Wine