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Benefits of Saffron Milk

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Delicious and healthy saffron milkA rich spice - saffron is primarily used in making fish, chicken and rice dishes. Most of us are still unaware, that this yellow colored spice when combined with milk can serve as an extremely healthy combination and works as a natural cure for a number of ailments. The health benefits of saffron milk are much beyond than its wonderful flavor and its coloring capability. Here are some benefits of having this combination which you may not be aware of.






  • Helps in improving digestion and appetite:

Chronic problems of indigestion, constipation, bloating and acidity are known to improve remarkably with regular consumption of saffron milk every morning. Saffron helps in digestion and works to cure different types of digestive disorders. A glass of warm saffron milk every morning will help to pass smooth bowels and slowly cure problems of constipation.


·         We all know that saffron is good for skin and helps to heal bruises and sores. If consumed with saffron milk, it takes of your internal skin problems and works to offer a healthy and glowing skin.


  • Improves the immune system:

·         Saffron is rich in antioxidants that helps in improving the immune system. Its golden color is derived from carotenoids which are very helpful for eyes and help in improving eyes. It helps to prevent the growth of cancercancers and also relieves symptoms of depression. Your overall immunity system improves and your body is better equipped to fight against diseases.

Glass of saffron milk for better immunity system

  • Helps in keeping your bones healthy:


·         Milk is a rich source of calcium  which is very essential for bone health. Calcium is needed to keep bones strong, healthy and keeps bone structure strong.

Saffron milk is a source of calcium

  • Other benefits of saffron milk:

·         A glass of this milk will help in reducing pains associated with menstruation.

·         Helps in improving the blood circulation.

·         It is rich in antioxidants which help in improving your overal health.



So, just have a glass of warm saffron milk every morning and see the wonders it does to your body.


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Benefits Of Saffron Milk