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Benefits Of Grapefruit Enzyme

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GrapefruitGrapefruit is a subtropical fruit which is rich in enzymes and forms the basis of many well planned diets. The health benefits of enzymes have been widely studied and understood. Enzymes are a solution for many health disorders and can be found as tablets, syrups and capsules in the market. They are usually recommended if blood tests have shown the deficiency of a particular enzyme and must be taken in the dose suggested by a doctor. This will prevent any side effect and make the enzyme work optimally. Grapefruit has most famously been used as part of many weight loss diets and to assist in improved metabolism. The benefits that can be obtained by using grapefruit enzyme on a regular basis are described  below.



Uses And Functions Of Grapefruit Enzyme


  • For Healthy Digestion- The most important function of fruit enzymes is that they promote healthy digestion by replacing the enzymes in the digestive juices, secreted by the body. In certain cases, the output of enzymes may not be sufficient as the glands may be blocked by a cancerous growth or a part of the stomach surgically removed. This is when the grapefruit enzymes are very helpful as they aid in the digestion of food and convert them into their constituent simple molecules. They are also known to improve the function of the pancreas which will directly have a positive impact on the process of digestion. Grapefruit is a rich source of a substance called pectin which is a type of dietary fiber and helps maintain good bowel movement. 


  • An Antioxidant- The enzymes along with the antioxidant lycopene, can help boost immune system substantially. This is one of the many goals of enzyme therapy that has made it so popular. The pink and red grapefruit have more of this helpful component when compared to the ones that have a white flesh. The enzyme extracts can also help in better absorption of the large amounts of vitamin C present in the fruit. This is a very important vitamin, essential to build resistance to common cold and other infections.


  •  Anti Aging- The enzymes have many anti aging properties that can prevent the damage to the DNA from pollutants such as cigarette smoke and carbon in the environment. For this reason, a glass of homemade grapefruit juice is recommended daily. The fresher the fruit, the greater amount of enzymes that it contains. A reduction in enzyme activity is seen if the fruit is subjected to even a small amount of heat.


  • For Better Absorption- Doctors often recommended syrups and enzyme supplements when absorption of vital nutrients is poor. This prevents the development of deficiencies which can hamper many body processes and harm health. Grapefruit enzyme works along with other enzymes produced in the body to improve the uptake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and glucose by the cells of the small intestine. This makes one healthier and promotes growth and development in young children. Many hospitalized patients who are suffering from long term illness can also greatly benefit from this.


  • As Anti Cancer- The enzymes have a very important property which is their anti cancer ability. They increase the levels of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) in the body, which in greater amount helps to prevent the growth and spread of a tumor. This can reduce the risk of cancer and also support radiation and chemotherapy to make the management of cancer more successful in the initial stages.


  • For A Healthy Heart- Grapefruit enzymes are important for a good cardiovascular system as they dissolve clots and prevent them from blocking arteries supplying the heart. It also maintains the flexibility of the blood vessels and keeps them healthy and functioning well . Two to three servings a week are recommended to obtain all health benefits of grapefruit.



Use grapefruits more often in your diet to give your body its many benefits. The use of enzymes in pregnant and lactating women is forbidden without the prior approval of a health care provider.


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Benefits Of Grapefruit Enzyme