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Health Benefits Of Cranberry Wine

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Cranberry WineTart and sweet cranberry wine has been touted to carry both antioxidant and antibiotic power. If you are looking to keep your Vitamin C dose higher and also replenish your body with iron content, then enjoying a cranberry cocktail seems to be a wise decision. Cranberry wine is primarily prepared from sun-dried and fermented cranberries. Being one of the easiest wines to prepare at home, people love to experiment by adding raisins, lemon peel or sometimes orange rinds to give it a versatile taste. Let us add some extra tang to our virtual cranberry wine journey and get updates on surprising health benefits of it.


Surprising Health Benefits


  • Bursting Power of Antioxidants

Cranberry wine is repository of anthocyanins, which also include its various diversified forms like, proanthocyanidins (PAC). The special health advantage it offers via these antioxidants is prevention against various inflammatory disorders and stomach ailments. To elucidate this phenomenon, the special PAC compound in it helps in decreasing the chances of bacterial attachment to the urinary and stomach walls. This way it guards against both urinary infections and stomach infections from evolving further. One important study posits that as cranberries are grown and harvested in direct sunlight for longer duration, it is this reason why it has such a good number of diverse phytonutrients in the form of antioxidants and polyphenols.


  • Anti-Cancer Benefit

The most vital function of cranberry wine is related to anti-cancer effects due to presence of phenolic acid, triterpenoids and ursolic acids, all these belong to special class of phytonutrients. It has ability to cause apoptosis ( cell death) of cancer causing cells and thus prevent them from turning malignant and killing nearby healthy cells. It can also block and stimulate the actions of certain cellular enzymes that are involved in cancerous outgrowth of cells. By triggering these specific mechanisms, cranberry wine is beneficial for suppressing the symptoms of colon, breast and prostrate cancer.


  • Wonderful Digestive Tonic

Cranberry wine has been rated to be top digestive tonic, as it facilitates the easy digestion process and also contain numerous enzymes that help in curing flatulence, bloating and acidity. Make sure not to overdose yourself, as this can cause alkalosis, which is the reversed effect of acidity. Flavonoids present in cranberry wine are able to restore or increase the special category of gut friendly bacteria called bifidobacterium.


  • Heart Friendly

Cranberry wine has special property to avoid the chances of getting strokes. This is attributed to certain phytonutrients present in it like, resveraterol and piceatannol. Also, these compounds help in lowering the bad cholesterol and raising the good cholesterol effect in blood stream. The chances of developing oxidative stress, wherein there is increase in oxygen molecules in those cells that lack antioxidants to neutralize this effect. Oxidative stress leads to potential damage to cells and respective tissues.


With numerous healthful nutrients present in cranberry wine, you would always be willing to scoff it down on any occasion!


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Health Benefits Of Cranberry Wine