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Health Benefits Of Pineapple Wine

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Pineapple WineWondering about some kind of wine that could serve as an appropriate choice for both adults and kids! Your curiosity finally ends here with pineapple wine. It harbors powerful enzymes, essential vitamins and vital minerals for keeping you sound by brain and healthy by heart. The wine with distinctive tangy taste is made from fermented pineapples by distillation process with many variations of exotic flavors infused in it. Recently, a super sweet tasting pineapple wine has been made that contains only 10.2 percent of alcohol in it. Getting to the point of discussion, read on to know some of the remarkable health benefits of pineapple wine.


Remarkable Health Advantages



  • Anti-Inflammatory Property

Pineapple  wine is exclusively known to confer anti-inflammatory ability, as it has unique bromelain compound, which is basically a proteolytic enzyme (protein breaking enzyme). There are two health benefits associated with bromelain enzyme. First is its action in digestive process, where complex protein molecules are easily metabolized or broken down into simpler ones by direct involvement of bromelain. This way, it helps in better digestion and is very soothing for stomach. Second essential aspect of bromelain is its anti-inflammatory role. It is highly helpful in arthritis conditions, severe inflammation of knee joints, internal tissue damage resulting in inflammation and in cancer prevention phenomenon. Many researches indicate that a regular glass of pineapple wine is effective in suppressing the osteoarthritis symptoms. It is quite helpful in speeding up the post surgery recovery.


  • Anti-Helmintic Property

If you are searching for one such alcoholic beverage that could help to wipe away those detrimental intestinal worms, choose pineapple wine. It is natural anti-helminthic and kills the worms in their larval stage. Moreover, it has active role in colon cleansing and detoxifying the liver. Bromelain again is responsible for its worm killing nature.


  • Cold and Cough Antidote

Although, there are many other wine varieties that aid in calming down the cold and cough symptoms, pineapple wine wins here too, with its distinctive feature of carrying Vitamin C more than that found in orange wine. Vitamin C also acts an powerful antioxidant aiding in elimination process of damaging free radicals, which is in many ways responsible for weaker immunity.


Other Important Health Benefits

  • With heavy dose of magnesium, pineapple wine is extremely good for your bones and is helpful in making your muscles strong.

  • It is rich source of fibers that lower the blood cholesterol level and prevent any heart related illness.

  • It is a natural diuretic, which means it eases the urine flow.


With so many amazing health benefits of pineapple wine, it is a beverage worth trying!


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Health Benefits Of Pineapple Wine