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Herbal Remedies For Blepharitis

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Fresh TurmericAn inflammatory condition of the eyelids which is accompanied by redness and itchiness is called blepharitis. The use of many anti inflammatory herbs can be made both for internally as well as externally to provide relief. The other symptoms that are seen are disrupted vision, dryness and flaking of the skin on the lid of the eye. In many cases, when this condition is left untreated, it can lead to the formation of ulcers that have a tendency to bleed. There is also a crust of debris that is seen after waking up in the morning and sticky eyelids are common. Streptococcal bacteria is also responsible for this infection which can heal quickly if treated with antibiotic drugs. Herbs that are useful remedies for treating the symptoms of blepharitis are mentioned in the blog below.



Natural Treatment Options For Blepharitis


  • Red Clover- This is a powerful anti inflammatory herb that is very effective when taken internally. It reduces the redness and pain that is experienced by individuals who are suffering from this condition. Tablets, capsules and liquid extracts are easily available and can be used by adults. For children, it should be given only after getting a doctor's approval.


  • Turmeric- This is a well researched spice and its anti bacterial chemicals can contain the spread of the staphylococcus infection and accelerate healing. Fresh or dry turmeric can be purchased for regular use. If you opt for supplements, take 500 mg two to three times a day to gain maximum health benefits of turmeric. Do not attempt to apply this to the eye as it will result in severe burning, making the condition worse.


  • Euphrasia- Commonly known as eyebright, this herb has been used to manage many eye disorders traditionally. The leaves, stem and the flowers are parts that are used either to make a cold compress or a herbal tea. It is good to reduce swelling and pain, since it has natural antiseptic agents. An eyewash can be prepared by boiling the dry herb in clean water, followed by cooling and straining. It needs to be used twice daily. Even though it is very effective, it is not recommended for use by pregnant and lactating women due to insufficient scientific data and safety studies.


  • Cat's Claw- It also has inflammation reducing properties that are helpful when used regularly. Additionally, this herb contains many antioxidants that boost the immune system and provide much needed resistance to further bacterial infections. 500 mg of the extracts, three times a day is recommended to be used by herbalists till signs of improvement are seen.


Use the above inflammation fighting herbs to manage blepharitis and prevent it from recurring. It is advised to talk your health care provider before beginning this treatment.


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Herbal Remedies For Blepharitis