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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Strawberry Pie

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Strawberry pieA tarty and sweet strawberry pie is everyone’s idea of a perfect dessert. A sugar free variant is always welcome as traditional ones contain extra sugar to balance the tang of the strawberries and can be a bit of  a problem for diabetics and overweight individuals. Sugar in small amounts is safe for health, but the cupfuls of sugar some recipes need, can be too much for the body to take. It can spike your blood sugar to dangerous levels and increase the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The use of substitutes for sugar can be made occasionally to reduce calories and make desserts that taste just as good as the ones with sugar. The tips below will help you make the most delectable sugar free strawberry pie and will have everyone asking for seconds.



Sugar Free Ingredients For Making Strawberry Pie


1. Sucralose

Strawberry cake

It is most important to choose the right sweetener that will stay stable while baking and not impart a metallic taste after it has been subjected to high temperatures that are needed for making a pie. Sucralose is an FDA approved sweetener that meets all these requirements and is used very often for cooking. It is available commercially by the name Splenda and tastes just like sugar which makes it well accepted by all.


2. Ripe Strawberries


Even though artificial sweeteners are an option, there are other things we can do to make our dessert sweet. The simplest thing to do is to choose strawberries that are completely ripe and a little mushy. These will be naturally sweeter and more aromatic as most of the starch in the fruit pulp has been converted to sugars by the action of enzymes. A simple tip, but sure to help.


3. Canned Strawberries


If fresh strawberries are not available use the ones that have been canned in their own juices. This will give you a sweet tasting pie without the need to add much sugar or sweetener.


4. Sugar Free Gelatin

Three strawberries

Gelatin is often added to help a pie set and give it a much needed consistency. One can choose from the many sugar free varieties that are available and can give you the perfect result without the extra calories. 


5. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

They are the healthiest substitutes for table sugar and are safe for people of all age groups. They have either been sun or machine dried to remove all moisture and increase their shelf life. During this process, the fructose sugar present in the fruit gets more concentrated and thus imparts a very sweet taste. A tablespoon or two of your favorite dry fruit bits will not only help replace sugar, it will also provide other benefits in the form of minerals like iron and potassium as well as fiber that is needed for good bowel movement. This is a great way of making healthy desserts with strawberries


6. Cinnamon


It adds great flavor to desserts and provides the added benefit of reducing levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. It also tastes sweet and can go a long way in reducing dependency on sugar substitutes.


Go ahead and use the above tips to make your pie taste delicious and at the same time very healthy. However products that contain sucralose should be avoided by infants, children, pregnant and lactating women as its effects on health have not yet been fully determined.


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Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Strawberry Pie