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Benefits Of Tomato Enzyme

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TomatoThe enzyme activity of tomatoes have been well studied and understood. Galactosidase and pectinesterase enzymes are abundantly found in tomatoes and are responsible for it ripening and eventually becoming soft and mushy. These enzymes have been isolated and extracted and are available in the form of tablets and capsules for convenience of use. They help to supplement the enzymes already present in our body and improve health. A ripe tomato is a rich source and should be preferably eaten daily to attain maximum benefits. The usefulness of tomato enzymes for the human body has been better understood in the past couple of years and some of the important functions are listed in the blog below.



Uses And Functions of Tomato Enzyme.


  • As Antioxidant- A recent study concluded that the enzyme in tomato is a powerful antioxidant and along with lycopene, another important constituent, it can combat the harmful effects of free radicals that are produced by our body with every breath of oxygen that we breathe in. The health benefits of tomatoes are more pronounced when it is consumed cooked as compared to the raw one.


  • For Digestion- Tomato broth health benefits are due to the fact that they are brimming with enzymes which make for a safe and natural digestive supplement. These enzymes work just like the ones that our body produces naturally. They break down complex particles of food into simple molecules that are easy to absorb by the cells in the small intestine. This is much needed for individuals who have a deficiency of digestive juices due to malfunctioning of the secretory glands. These enzymes are available in many forms like chewable tablets, liquid extracts and dry powders.


  • For Better Bowel Function- The fiber present in the seeds and skin along with the enzymes makes the removal of wastes better and more efficient. For individuals suffering from constipation, a glass of unstrained tomato juice or soup will provide good results without the need for other laxatives whose overdose can be dangerous.


  • For Malabsorption Disorders- These include conditions like gluten intolerance in which a gluten free diet is strictly adviced to prevent stomach pain, bloating and diarrhea. The use of enzymes along with food will help in providing relief from such symptoms and also improve absorption of vitamins and minerals as the risk of their deficiency increases in malabsorption disorders. They can be mixed with regular food and beverages without affecting palatability and acceptability.


  • In The Juice Industry- Wondered how the commercially available apple juices are clear and have that rich golden color? It is the result of enzymes like pectinesterases which can breakdown the pectin deposits which are naturally present in fruits like apple and by doing so leave behind a clear liquid which is better to drink. This is one of the most important commercial uses of enzymes.


  • For Wine Making- This industry has led to a high demand of natural plant based enzymes that are better alternatives to artificially produced ones. In the wine making process, enzymes help by clearing the cloudiness and also improve the consistency and the fluidity of the wine. This reduces the build up of harmful chemical residues in the wine that we consume.


Tomato enzymes have so many benefits that we can obtain in the form of the natural fruit or  supplements. However, an overdose of anything is dangerous and enzymes should be taken only if there is a deficiency or if suggested by the doctor.


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Benefits Of Tomato Enzyme