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DNA Barcoding App - Eating Healthy Made Easier

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Bar Code Of Life Classification of species now gets easier with the advent of completely novel genetic tool termed as “ DNA Barcoding” – method of identifying differences within species on the basis of comparison between the short DNA sample taken to those of the standard known database. DNA barcoding has gained popularity more, because of its simplicity rather than being a technical jargon. With its accessibility of gene based information, amateur professionals and non specialists will effortlessly be able to differentiate between commercial products, insects damaging our crops and the variety of fish you order in your favorite restaurant, with its app now being available on your your regular mobile phone. Lets get deep into the skin of this whole new concept on how DNA has encroached your phone to help you stay healthy and eat right! This will definitely make you bound to feel that you are living in the age of technology married to life science!



Origin of DNA Barcoding in Life Technology


DNA Barcoding is indigenous to University of Guelph, Ontario, where Canadian researcher Herbert with his colleagues at the Consortium for the BarCode of Life (CBOL) made a groundbreaking research by identifying unknown fish samples and simultaneously developing database for known species of the related organisms. Standard database has been developed at Smithsonian’s laboratory. It busted the myth that a common butterfly from Central America was a single species; rather the fact holds that it is indeed a complex of more than nine butterfly species. If this sounds exciting to you, then get ready to be apprised with more interesting stories here.


Prominent Feats


Our classification strategy has become more gene based and this is pervading our food service industry in much better way. DNA Barcoding allows you to choose and eat the particular fish you have claimed for at any restaurant. Your enjoyment will never be discounted with degraded or cheaper quality of fish or any seafood stuff, in case you have ordered for premium quality of fish at the restaurant. This undoubtedly means that you will be presented with mackerel rather than tuna if you are paying for mackerel! Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the implementation of DNA Barcoding in most of the luxury restaurants to ensure quality and specificity.

DNA Barcoding is also been used to guard against illicit selling of medicinal herbs and exotic plants. A check has already gained progress in Malaysia where illegal selling of around 1,000 medicinal plants has come under shade. Chunk of researchers in Britain have used this genetic tool to unearth the unknown and ancient plant species. Even more, researchers from Norway are curious to excavate the evidences of ancient plants and animals that must have once thrived in Arctic region.Bar code


Future Promise with Potential Usage


Through DNA Barcoding, you will be easily able to recognize the particular mosquito causing malaria and sleeping sickness. It will be you, the general public, not the people from scientific community, as they can verify the features of the organism through various laboratory procedures, but identification of the same by society is something new and attention grabbing. Going forward, it holds the future promise to unravel the marine mystery and will play instrumental role in expedition of plant species discovery. It will become a cake bite to gauge the commercial product of your interest if the device encoded with standard DNA Barcodes comes handy. You will able to fine tune the process of healthy eating by knowing the quality and standard of your staple diet in more precise manner.


Days are not far away when an average life expectancy of common man will shoot up to 100 years just because of healthy living. DNA Barcoding will conserve the endangered species from facing extinction, this means broadening of biodiversity spectrum on our planet. But at the forefront is the food industry revolution, where DNA Barcoding will be the hallmark of quality and standard. Forget information technology, this is the golden age of DNA technology, which goes beyond labs right into your palate hovering through your phone!


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DNA Barcoding App - Eating Healthy Made Easier