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Benefits Of Banana Enzyme

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Green bananaBananas ripen because of an enzyme that converts the starch in the unripe fruit to sugars in the ripe one. The name of the enzyme is amylase and it is also present in the human saliva where it performs the  main function of digesting carbohydrates. The banana enzyme has other benefits which have made it very important for health. It can survive the acids in the stomach and work to alter chemical reactions in our body that help us in many ways. The enzyme is best obtained from the pulp or juice of the fruit although commercial supplements can also be opted for. Many more studies are needed to determine the exact effect of the enzyme on the human body. The benefits of the enzyme that have been determined so far and can be used to our advantage are listed in the blog below.



Uses And Health Benefits of Banana Enzyme


  • For Digestion- Problem with digestion occurs when the cells lining the stomach and salivary glands malfunction or get blocked. Due to this, the food that we consume does not get digested and complains of stomach pain, flatulence and weight loss are common. When additional enzymes are supplied, it reduces the burden on the body so that there is better breakdown and absorption of food. Banana for upset stomach is recommended for this reason. 


  • As A Laxative- The enzyme along with other constituents in bananas make a good laxative that helps to overcome constipation by easing the movement of fecal matter. This makes banana a very important natural remedy for this common problem. The riper the fruit, the more enzymes it contains and so the results are much better. A smoothie is a good way to consume banana and is well accepted by children too.


  • For Regulating Blood Pressure- The potassium and the enzymes form a complex that works together to regulate levels of blood pressure and maintain it . This is the main benefit of bananas and is the reason why it is a part of the dietary approach to stop hypertension (DASH ) diet plan,  which is internationally accepted for adults and focuses on natural and wholesome food to keep the heart and its blood vessels healthy.


  • As Antioxidants- All plant enzymes function as antioxidants which are compounds protecting our body from the harmful effects of smoke and pollution that we face everyday. Bananas are no exception and the ripe fruit is a concentrated source of antioxidants. A bowl of the fruit for dessert is a yummy way to obtain all the health benefits that this tropical fruit has to offer.


  • As Immunity Booster- This fruit is usually available all round the year and when eaten regularly can help to increase immunity especially in young children. This is because of the live enzymes that it contains which are helpful even for the most sensitive individuals. It is a myth that the mucous in the banana can worsen a cold due to which it is avoided by many individuals.On the contrary, it is perfectly safe to consume and does not cause any such side effects.


  • As An Industrial Substrate- Many industries make use of the enzyme extract to speedup  processes, without which so many of the products that we see today would be difficult to make. It is especially vital in the paper and pulp industry and helps to overcome the stickiness in the pulp. This is one of the many everyday enzyme uses that are indispensable.


  • Anti-Inflammatory - Inflammatory processes are the root cause of many chronic disease conditions such as auto immune disorders and brain changes seen in Alzheimer's disease. The enzymes in banana can help alleviate this and hence it should be a part of the meal plan for all such individuals.


The humble banana fruit has more helpful functions than what was previously thought. It is one of the cheapest source of the enzyme and can be made available to one and all very easily.


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Benefits Of Banana Enzyme