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Herbal Remedies For Appendicitis

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GrapefruitThe inflammation and swelling of the appendix, a small pouch like structure, in between the small and the large intestine is called appendicitis. The symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting can get relieved by the use of herbs which have powerful anti inflammatory properties. Appendicitis can be due to an infection, a foreign body or even a cancerous growth. A physical examination along with an ultrasound and abdominal scan will help in the timely treatment of this condition. Surgery is normally opted for to remove the appendix and avoid it from rupturing later and causing a serious infection. It is seen most commonly in children and young adults and prompt diagnosis is very important. Herbs that can support recovery from an attack of appendicitis are listed below in this blog.



Natural Treatment Options For Appendicitis



  • Turmeric- It is one of the most cost effective and safe anti inflammatory agents that nature ever made. The use of this spice orally is recommended to reduce swelling and pain that is associated with an inflamed appendix. Capsules, tablets or the fresh and dry root are various forms that turmeric is available in.


  • Holy Basil – The juice made from the leaves is rich in antioxidants that boost immunity and can help in faster recovery post surgery. It also has pain relieving chemicals that are helpful when used regularly. A few raw leaves can also be chewed to provide the same benefits.


  • Ginseng – This popular herb can relieve abdominal pain and inflammation which are common symptoms seen in this condition. Ginseng tea bags are very easily available and can be taken twice a day. Alternatively, liquid extracts tablets and capsules are other treatment options that can be considered.


  • Ginger- It performs two very important functions, which are pain relieving and inflammation reducing. Dry, aged, powdered and fresh ginger extracts all have the same properties and can be alternatively used for medicinal purposes and also to flavor food. If very high concentration of ginger essential oils need to be used, tablets or capsule are best to take.


  • Mint- The leaves have a valuable constituent called menthol which heals and gets rid of pain. Additionally, the essential oils that mint contains can prevent the onset of a bacterial infection which may otherwise make the condition very severe, especially after a surgery. Mint is also rich in iron, a very important constituent of blood.


The use of herbs strengthens the body’s defense system and makes the management of appendicitis easy and less painful. A liquid diet menu which is easy to digest, is advised following an attack of appendicitis.


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Herbal Remedies For Appendicitis