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Benefits Of Orange Enzyme

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orangeOranges have always been recommended for high energy levels as they are rich in vitamin C and potassium. There have been discoveries of certain enzymes in this fruit which go by the name pectinases. They are indispensable both for health and other commercial purposes as they perform many important functions. The work of an enzyme is to increase or decrease the rate of chemical reactions which are occuring in our bodies and the environment every single minute. Without them, many processes that we see around us would be quite impossible. Fresh oranges, its essential oil and the juice are all brimming with enzymes that are so good for us. Let us explore and see what their functions are and what makes them useful.




Pectinase Uses and Health Benefits.


  • Antioxidant- Our body cells are constantly being exposed to oxygen from the air that we breathe in. While it is needed for us to survive, the fact is that oxygen is the main cause of damage to our cells and the DNA. The enzyme works as an antioxidant that protects us from  inflammatory changes like heart diseases and insulin resistance that are very undesirable.


  • Bone Health- Many research studies have shown how the intake of orange juice can reduce the loss of calcium from the bones and maintain their density. Along with Vitamin C, pectinase works by improving the absorption of calcium from food as well as artificial supplements. A glass of freshly squeezed and unstrained juice every morning is the best way to gain the health benefits of orange


  • Healthy Digestion- One of the most vital function of enzymes is their ability to break down complex food particles into simple ones that the body is able to use and absorb. The pectinase enzyme is a good supplement in those individuals who have a cancerous growth or blockage in the stomach, due to which the secretion of digestive enzymes is hindered. It also helps to prevent deficiencies of vitamins and minerals which is common if digestion is poor.


  • Anti Cancer- There is sufficient data which shows that apple enzyme has tumor killing properties when consumed as a regular part of the diet. It can also slow down the spread of the cancer and prevent it from causing harm to other healthy body tissues. For maximum benefits, raw orange juice which does not contain artificial flavors and colors is to be consumed. 


  • Juice Industry- Pectinase enzyme is a valuable ingredient for the food processing industry and is used in wine and juice making. It reduces cloudiness so that the beverage which is produced is sparkling clear, with no residues which can impact its quality. This is due to the action of the enzyme on the protein components of fruits and vegetables.


  • Reduce Inflammation- When there is damage to human tissue, it leads to redness and pain which are the common signs of an inflammatory condition. The use of enzymes helps to reduce pain while improving stamina and energy levels. There are many supplements that have been specifically formulated for this particular function.


  • Immunity- To improve natural immunity, the body needs a good supply of nutrients and enzymes that will nourish body cells and make them resistant to common colds and infections. This is especially needed in children, the elderly and pregnant and lactating women. Enzyme supplements can be used for this purpose after the exact dosage has been determined by a doctor in order to prevent any interaction with prescription drugs. 


The next time you are out shopping, don’t forget to buy plenty of oranges, so that you and your family can enjoy all the goodness that the orange enzyme has to offer. And remember, fresh is best.


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Benefits Of Orange Enzyme