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Benefits Of Apple Enzyme

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ApplesEver wondered why a freshly cut apple browns in a matter of minutes when kept out in the open? It occurs due to the presence of an enzyme called phenolase which is present in the flesh of the fruit. Although this change in color is undesirable, the enzyme itself has many useful properties that has made it useful in the health and food industry. Isolated extracts of the apple enzyme are very popular because of the many benefits that they offer. The best source of phenolase is a fresh apple however, other forms like dry fruit bits, raw apple juice and apple cider vinegar are rich sources of the live enzyme and can also be incorporated into the diet. The various uses that make the apple enzyme a very popular health ingredient for people of all ages are listed below.



Phenolase Uses and Health Benefits.


  • Better Digestion- Supplementing the diet with phenolase is a good way to improve a sluggish digestive system. This enzyme mimics the natural digestive juices that the stomach secretes and can aid in the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It should be consumed an hour before a meal in the form of a fruit or an enzyme capsule. This is also the reason why an apple for upset stomach and flatulence is recommended.


  • Antioxidants- The apple enzyme also functions as a powerful antioxidant that can prevent and repair the damage caused to the body cells by free radicals, cigarette smoke and other harmful chemicals that are present in the environment. To obtain benefits, a serving of the fruit is recommended on a daily basis, preferable with the skin which is very high in fiber.


  • Immune Function- Phenolase is a good immune booster and can increase resistance to common colds and infections. It is best given to children in the natural form which can  improve health and well being. This is due to the antiseptic nature of the enzyme which can prevent an attack by virus or bacteria. It is very safe even for pregnant and lactating women.


  • Anti Cancer- A study conducted to determine the anti cancer agents in apple cider showed some encouraging results. IApple cider was seen to be successful in the prevention as well as growth and multiplication of cancer cells, especially in the liver. All varieties of apples have this function and your favorite one can be chosen.


  • Prevents Gout- The acidic nature of the enzyme can reduce the deposition of uric acid crystals in the joints of the body, which otherwise lead to a painful inflammatory condition known as gout. Even if one is previously suffering from this condition, using apple cider is sure to help. It can be diluted in water to increase fluid intake which helps to flush out excess acids from the blood. The health benefits of apple cider are many and it should be used everyday. 


  • Skin Conditions- The external application of phenolase on skin can get rid of pain and burning sensation that is experienced after insect bites. It prevents fungal and bacterial growth on broken skin which is a good medium for microbes to enter. It needs to be applied twice or thrice a day for best results.


  • Anti Aging- According to lab studies done on fruit flies and yeast, the enzyme extracts can increase lifespan in these organisms significantly. In humans, it may help repair the damaged DNA and prevent many chronic diseases, resulting in better well being.


So many benefits of the amazing enzyme phenolase can be obtained which is safe and  effective. An apple a day can surely keep the doctor away !


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Benefits Of Apple Enzyme